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We believe to rock at your network marketing business there are 3 things to be good at:

Network Marketers turn to EMERGE when they feel stuck in their network marketing business or they are doing well but have a hard time teaching their team to do the same.

The number ONE result our students give feedback on is their new found CONFIDENCE!

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Yes, it's true...Your Direct Sales Foundation is in Spanish!

We have had our signature course translated and re-recorded by a Spanish speaking professional…and it’s awesome!

Closed Caption is available in Your Direct Sales Foundation!

The requests for this continued to pour in and we are happy to announce that you can now purchased Your Direct Sales Foundation with closed captions.  Thank you Emerge Community!

New Group Coaching Retake Policy

Have you gone through one of our group coaching programs, but either life got in the way, or maybe you just want to get a refresher with some accountability?  You can now sign up for group coaching AGAIN for just half the price of the group coaching value.  Click below to register for the group coaching program that you would like to retake!

7 Days to a Strengths-Based Team Culture

If you’ve taken the Clifton Strengthsfinder and want to know how to use your strengths to lead your team and create a thriving culture, this new strengths course is for you!  And it’s only $27!!  What?!

Our Mission: For you to have a thriving network marketing business while being a good human

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Attention!  This is not a teaser webinar!  Join us in this free webinar to learn the 5 keys to making closing a more enjoyable process for you and your potential customer.  Know what to say, and how to say it so that you can increase your closing percentage immediately following this webinar.

FREE Recruiting Webinar

Learn the 5 keys to making the recruiting conversation not so awkward.  Know exactly what to say to not overwhelm your potential recruit.  Have the words so that you confident in your conversations!  This training is mind-blowing!
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You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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