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 July 15th 

8-10am PDT




How do I RECRUIT others to JOIN MY Team?

If you need help growing and recruiting others to your team, then you NEED to join us on July 15th! 

We're going to dive into questions and discussion about:  

  • What is your role/vision as a leader?
  • What makes you different than other network marketing leaders and how do I use this to help you recruit?
  • How to transition conversations into business opportunity/recruiting appointments?
  • What to do if someone who has never seen your sales conversation wants to learn about you business opportunity?

Sign up for our webinar and we'll give you immediate strategies you can use to start recruiting others o your team that day.

This offer ends - July 14th@ midnight Pacific.

We're charging $27 for this webinar. 

$27 is affordable to pretty much anyone wanting to grow their business with network marketing.

Signup below. Just click the button and follow the instructions to register.

If you've not yet seen our FREE video which talks about the steps to closing to increase more sales you can watch it here (opens in new window).

P.S This is a 2 hour workshop that can help you start to grow your team and bring new people in to your business. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, give your business that jumpstart you have been looking for. 

Tasha Smith - Owner & Coach