So many people are trying so hard to build their biz on social media. Recently, I have been doing “audits” for some of our clients / students. 

I am seeing the same well-meaning mistake over and over again which is resulting in frustration, disappointment, and starts to chip away at self esteem. Many just want to give up on social media and behind closed doors, they will admit that they don’t like social media at all. If you struggle with this you aren’t alone. And if you don’t struggle with this, your friends / team members do! 

The “mistake” is focusing on products instead of problems. 

If you are operating on social media, congrats! You are a marketer and are trying to pound through all of the noise and catch people’s attention. And marketing isn’t about products, it’s about customers, actually, potential customers.

Wait, no, it’s about people. People aren’t going to exchange money for products. They are going to exchange money to solve a problem.

When a customer wants the solution more than their money, a sale is made.

The big idea I want you to do when you are posting is to tell stories about problems and how they were solved.

The person is the hero, not the product.

Instead of posting pretty graphics about your products, tell gut wrenching stories about people’s problems.

Let me give you an example. I’m sure it’s obvious to you that my proposed solution is education on social media. Details are important, but only AFTER I have caught your attention.

Lets try this instead… This is based on a true story. 🙂

On the surface, Jody was a positive, successful leader. She loved the product and earned 6- figures per year. She could take vacations when she wanted, but she thought her team didn’t value her. She loved them dearly, but they didn’t respond to her at all. 

Her team had grown, so most of her interaction was over social media- and while she posted what she thought was valuable content every day- no one was responding! 

It was making her question her value as a leader, her joy, and her relationships. Something had to give, or she was going to give up on the group completely…

Then she focused on problems. She asked more questions. She told more stories about her journey, and posted less quotes and learning videos.

Her engagement went through the roof! Her team was sharing again and enrollments started going up. She was reminded of her value. She was a guide to help her team members solve their own problems. 

And she breathed a sigh of relief. Now she could have peace and excitement about going for her next rank. And she knew her team was with her.

Yes, it takes more effort to think about a day in the life of a person, instead of bullet parts about a product. But we can all agree that busy work with no results is the worst. Bullet points about products have their place, but it’s not in every single post.

Remember, tell stories about the person not the product, and everything will be better.

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