I’m not always motivated, but truthfully, most of the time I am. I thought it would be helpful today to share with you the different ways I stay motivated. It helps that I study motivation for a living. I don’t fight what psychology says, I just try it and if it works it sticks. I want to be motivated, so I take action to keep my motivation strong. My desire for my goals is stronger than my desire for comfort.  I don’t have tips for that though, except to sit with it. This is in no order. Some may seem silly, and some might be pretty deep. They are in my own words. 

  1. I know (most of the time) what problem I’m trying to solve. I’m here to help good people build a career by teaching them how to sell and lead their teams.
  2. I work with one of my closest friends. We won’t let each other down. 
  3. I know what the money I earn is for when it comes to my family- since it’s not optional, I show up. Life, enjoyment, retirement, generosity
  4. We give a percentage of our profit to World Vision.
  5. I ask for takeaways at the end of each coaching call, so I know how I’ve been helpful.
  6. I set goals and track my progress.
  7. I keep learning about how successful people think and structure their businesses.
  8. I sleep almost 9 hours a night, so my brain works.
  9. I focus on what I can control, not what I can’t (most of the time).
  10. I ask for help when I need it.
  11. It’s really important to me to know people on a personal basis, so I make time for that for my most committed clients.
  12. I make/share memes to laugh more at work.
  13. I break down big things into a bunch of small tasks, mostly so I can cross things off faster.
  14. When I get discouraged or make a mistake, I try to teach the lesson as quickly as possible so it doesn’t keep me down. 
  15. I have a routine for work that helps me take action.
  16. If I’m not motivated, I start doing stuff anyway and it improves my motivation.
  17. I value being a good role model. Now that people follow me, it keeps me accountable. 
  18. Quarterly retreats with my business partner to calibrate- this is a much-needed jolt to my motivation
  19. I do the things I know how to do for ¾ of my work week. It’s not fun or exciting always, but it feels good to do things I know how to do.
  20. I have post-its on my computer monitor that encourage me.

But as I was making this list I started thinking about the ways I keep myself from being DE-motivated. We have to have good habits, but also eliminate bad habits, right?

  • I have no Facebook newsfeed on my computer.
  • I don’t ask open-ended questions like “how’s it going”, which tends to invite a pity party and then makes me feel like what am I even doing with my life?
  • I do not look at any ads as the solution to my problem unless it is on my priority list already.
  • If I find myself comparing and despairing on social media, I unfollow the person for 30 days immediately (even if it’s my friend- but every time I tell a friend this, they smile and say I totally get it).
  • I SOS immediately- feeling alone is very demotivating

I really hope one or more of these was helpful :).Tasha

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