Today I am going to share some really easy things to do if you can relate with this feeling of:

“I don’t know how to start someone.”

What this really means is my confidence is shaken, my long term mentoring isn’t going well, or someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

If you can relate this is totally normal.  The core issue is that we can’t confuse our beginning with someone else’s middle.  This causes compare and despair and creates a feeling of discouragement. 

When someone wants to promote a network marketing business there are a lot of different roles. They can be a connector where they connect you to others, a host, or a part time or full time business builder.  While finishing is different, starting is the exact same for every role. 

There are 3 simple steps that I will talk about in this podcast/video:

  1. Set up an event they can invite their network to.
  2. Give an invitation outline and they invite people.
  3. Complete event and enroll the people who want to enroll.

Go from there! Guide them as you much as you know and then point them to one of the amazing Network marketer trainers (like me 🙂 ) who are pros and continue to focus on getting people started. 

If you want to continue the conversation on how to be a successful recruiter and launch a new builder every month, then join me for a free training on Feb 19th where we will dive into this. You can register at I hope to see you there!