When I first meet many of my clients they say, “I need help holding myself accountable.”

Many of us get into entrepreneurship excited about the fact that there will be nobody telling us what to do.  Then we get here and OMG… there is NOBODY telling me what to do… HELP. 

We often shame ourselves thinking that we just don’t have enough “willpower”… and if we had MORE willpower we could accomplish what we wanted to.  Today I want to offer you a new perspective. Play the video where I am going to talk about 3 types of accountability that every entrepreneur needs…

There are 3 types of accountability systems that are important to have as an entrepreneur. 

  1. Personal Accountability– This is what you’ve probably heard explained as the “Why that makes you cry”.  What this really means is being able to connect activities to purpose.  If you can draw a clear line to how the activities you do make a difference it is going to be a lot easier for you to follow through on taking action. 
  2. Peer Accountability – As humans, we don’t want to let our tribe down.  Social pressure to do the things makes a difference. It helps us to bring out our best.  
  3. Leader Accountability- We want to please authority that we respect. We want to make them feel proud of us.

I have these 3 systems in place in my own business which is 100 percent why I can work at the speed I work. We’ve also seen how having these things in place creates results for our clients. Inside of our mastermind programs these 3 systems are set up which is why our average client will triple their enrollments.

The first step is to pick one of these systems you want to put in place and then work on the next. If you need help implementing these we would love to work with you. You can set up a call with us to talk about your specific goals and challenges and how we can help. Just email us at team@emergesalestraining.com with “chat” and we will connect.

I hope this was helpful.


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