The Five Real Reasons You and Your Team Are NOT Recruiting!

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If every builder on your team is not onboarding new builders each month, Recruit Like a Boss will help you to develop leaders and gain clarity on your process so that your team is recruiting like rockstars.

Do you believe in the life changing properties of your product?

Do you believe that every home should have it?

Did you know that you can’t do it all yourself?

To be successful in Network Marketing you need to do these 3 things.  Learn how to sell, learn how to teach people how to sell, and DEVELOP LEADERS! 

Learn How to Sell (Check! Got you covered in Your Direct Sales Foundation)

Learn how to teach people how to sell (Check...this is what Your Leadership Foundation was for)

Develop Leaders (Recruit Like a Boss...join us now!)

While being coached through the five challenges that Tasha spoke of in the video, you will also develop the following skills:

  • How to inspire others to join your mission so that you can create an army of people get your product into every home
  • Clear communication with your team so that they take action
  • Creating buy-in so that your team is working as hard as you are
  • Goal setting and achieving so that you and your team have clear vision and action steps
  • Coaching so that you know how to help your team members reach their recruiting goals
  • Recruiting & launching so that you can help ALL the people with your product

Here’s what one Recruit Like a Boss  student had to say…

I can tell you that I have gone through a *huge* transformation in taking this course.
When it began, I was simply not recruiting people…Now nearing the end of this course…I am consistently having at least 1 recruiting conversation a week, and currently on-boarding multiple builders through YDSF…
If every one of your builders/business partners is not on-boarding new builders/business partners each month, you really shouldn’t be hesitating about this course.


and all of the other amazing wins that are happening in this program…

“If you are feeling like you are doing it alone, that your team is just not finding builders, or you just don’t know how to help them develop to the next level. I highly suggest doing this coaching program. It has rocked my business.”


“THIS IS FABULOUS! Because not only do I get to learn, improve and do, I get to “learn” how to do this with my team. This is what truly duplicates. Buy-in continues to be implemented in every week and I like that. As you know casting my vision, helped in so many different ways so I can’t wait to help my team do the same.”


“I cannot even, y’all.

I set a goal for 2 new business partners, 40k and 40 enrollments last week, thanks to Tasha and our Advanced Recruiting & Mentorship course.
Two new partners LAUNCHED, we’re hovering 42k and have 44 enrollments to date. More classes, appointments, and all the goodness still to go.
One of our main peeps hit Gold this morning and there are about 6 or 7 other significant rank advancements happening this weekend.”


“When you go and ask your leader about their worthiness bottleneck, and they reply, “Oh, you’ve already helped me overcome that issue. Thanks!” #WINNING (and it shows, going for new rank advancement and half way there on the 8th!)”


I’ve started to believe I can. Not I would (eventually) but I could and would. I can feel the difference in myself. I can feel the change.”


Ready to Build Your Recruiting Culture and Rocking Team?

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