What if you could achieve 5-10 new customers and 1-2 new builders each month without being spammy or salesy EVEN if you feel tongue tied every time you try to talk to someone new about your products or business...

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The Customer First Sales mastermind is for committed network marketers who want to increase their impact and income without following up with people over, and over, and over (and over!) again or cold messaging everyone and their mother.

The truth is: Most motivated network marketers who want to build a successful business and never do because they don’t know what to say at each step of the journey- sales, recruiting, retention, and leadership. Simply put, they don’t have systems. They just have a bunch of random best practices duck taped together and expect to make a living that way.

Can you relate?

If we wanted to be a doctor, we would probably go to medical school. So if we want to have a sales and leadership business, we would probably want to actually learn how to sell and lead well without turning people off.

Would you agree?

You Want To Confidently Create More Customers & Builders Every Single Month

INSTEAD You Struggle to Figure Out The Right Words To Say

The Reality Is Without A Consistent Sales Process You Will Continue to Swim Upstream...

(And That's Way too Hard!)

  • You try to follow what your upline tells you and it doesn't work for you.
  • You try "talking to more people" only to feel super awkward and like you are bugging them.
  • You try mindset training only to continue getting the same results.


If you don't fix your sales process now you will end up either alienating people or not having a consistent way of getting new customers and builders.

But Don't Worry. We've Got You.

Introducing: The Customer First Sales Mastermind

A 9 Week Step-by-Step Coaching program for committed, authentic network marketers who want more customers, more builders, and more ease in their business without feeling pushy, overwhelmed, or cold messaging people....HOORAY!!!

Week 1: Get Organized (Finally):

Make a schedule you can follow and set goals you can achieve because you know what to do each day

Week 2/3: Your High-Converting Sales Conversation:

Know Exactly What To Say To Your Customers So They Want Your Products to Solve Their Problems (and order more)more!)

Week 4: Recruiting - How to Talk About "the Business":

Get More People Interested in the Business and They Actually Say "Yes! I want to do this too!"

Week 5: How to Schedule Appointments:

Fill Up Your Schedule With People Who Actually Want to Talk to You

Week 6: Get Referrals & Hosts:

Get An Endless Supply of Leads WITHOUT Being Awkward

Week 7: How to Retain & Follow-Up with Customers Effectively:

Keep Customers Re-Ordering Month After Month So You Don't Have to Work So Hard

Week 8: Launching Your Team Members:

Get New Builders Off to A Fast & Successful Start


You know EXACTLY what to say (and feel good about your words).

You have more confidence in your approach.

You know exactly what to do every day.

And before you know it you are getting new customers each and every month.

  • You tried to make your 100 names list but had little luck because you didn't know what to say and people ghosted you.
  • You tried a blitz to message everyone but felt like you were spamming people and putting your friendships in jeapordy.
  • You even tried following exactly what your upline told you... but ended up feeling so frustrated because what worked for them... did not work for you.


When I was in college I sold Cutco knives which is crazy because I was SO awkward.

I couldn't even make a sale to my mom, and I had sweaty pits for every single appointment.

I definitely didn't even close to the same charisma as some of my friends.

But I was able to read from the paper. And since the outlines made it easy for the customer to understand the value, and easy for them to buy, I was eventually able to do really well!

Since I was not naturally "good at sales" and won exactly 0 awards my first year, I had to study, learn, and dummy-proof my outlines. (I was the dummy)

I eventually also learned how to be a leader, recruiting over 1000 reps and winning some cool awards including a trip to Spain and the "Dragon Master's Dagger." (Yes, I still have it)

I experienced the transformation from "awkward pre-law student who didn't smile enough" to "encouraging, inspiring, and award-winning sales leader" and now have full confidence that no matter what happens, I will always be able to take care of my family.

In the last 7 years, I've taught over 7000 network marketers exactly what I learned in the 9-week Customer First Sales Mastermind.

Before I started the Customer First Sales Mastermind I couldn't get any sales.

I didn't know what to say to people and what steps to take every day.

I knew if I didn't fix those problems I would continue to make zero sales with WAY TOO MUCH EFFORT while offending everyone I met.

In taking the Customer First Sales Mastermind I learned how to organize my day, the exact words to say, and how to approach people without being off-putting and to help them see the value of my products.

In just one month, my sales EXCEEDED the success I had in the last TWENTY years of network marketing. I earned 2 rank promotions, a sales bonus, and a reward for sales from my team leaders.


Customer First Sales Mastermind Client

The Customer First Sales Mastermind Will Help You With A Simple System to Consistently Get More Customers and Builders. It's unlike other coaching programs because you will actually get personal attention each week to keep you on track and give you the confidence that you are doing things the right way.

Tasha has a unique way of making every client feel important and worthy of her time. She is genuinely invested in the success of her clients and provides a step-by-step process to build momentum and financial success from a place of service, not greed: Customer First, Team Second, Ego Last! Tasha is approachable and eager to thought partner with you no matter if you are just getting started or if you have been a long-time client.

- Kelly

Before the Customer First Sales Mastermind, I had zero builders... and in just 8 weeks I recruited 9 new builders!

Before the Customer First Sales Mastermind, I wanted to feel natural talking to people about the products and business opportunity.. but I just wasn't feeling that way.

Learning the words to say and valuable communication techniques from Tasha changed my confidence and my results.

After just 8 weeks, I feel energized and see myself going places!

- Lily

What's Included in the 9 Week Customer First Sales Mastermind?

1. Weekly Live Zoom Coaching Calls With Tasha Smith

VALUE: $900

Each week, we will walk through one topic to keep you on track with implementing each part of your system so you can quickly start to get results. It is actually LIVE (if for some reason you can’t make it live, calls are recorded and we have a lot of folks who do the entire mastermind watching recordings because they work full time!). Calls start on July 31st at 8:30 am Pacific and meet for an additional 8 weeks on Wednesdays at the same time. (recorded if you can't make it live)

Each week you will leave with clarity instead of confusion. We know you will also feel inspired to be around others who are committed to running their business with the same values as you are.


VALUE: $400

This is where the MAGIC happens. You won’t be stuck with a bunch of information swirling around in your head. Each week Tasha will give you a simple list of actions so you know exactly what to do. Print the list, check all the boxes (I know how happy that makes you), and feel your confidence and preparation grow.

3. Troubleshooting During The Week - VALUE: $500

As you move into action each week, questions will come up and we don’t want you to wait a long time to get the answer since we know that will slow you down. We will have a members-only FB group so you can ask questions and get real-time feedback to keep you moving toward your results. You will have a coach checking in with you each week, reviewing your assignments, and helping you feel accountable and successful :). All questions are good questions, and all successes are celebrated within the group.

But wait... there's more. INCLUDED BONUSES:

  • BONUS # 1: LIVE Q & A EACH WEEK- Value: $900

Tasha will stay on each week for questions so you can get real feedback. We even will answer your company specific questions because then you will be able to customize your sales and recruiting processes faster so that you have the right words to say WITHOUT being awkward



(You will get access IMMEDIATELY when you register so you don’t have to wait to start getting results)

One of the things that’s hard about putting together a coherent system is only having one puzzle piece at a time. You will be able to review every piece of your sales and recruiting system in one afternoon so that you can be confident that you know every step you are going to take when you are working with someone. When we ask our clients how they feel when they complete this

online course, they say it makes them feel “hopeful” and “there’s a plan.”

You will have access to this for the lifetime of the program so you can continue to revisit concepts over time if you want to.



One of the hardest parts about learning is trying to write as fast as other people are speaking!

We hate that too!

You will be equipped with fill-in-the blank workbooks so you don’t have to waste time watching the same video over and over again.

You will get customizable templates so you can make a copy, add in your company information, and always have your materials on your phone whenever you need to use them, or share with your team.


  • BONUS: #4: 2 Months Additional Live Coaching Calls For Extra Support If You Need It - VALUE $1400

The mastermind is designed to be completed in 9 weeks so you can implement your system quickly and then focus on your leadership skills.

However, we are also humans and we know that sometimes things come up and you might need a little more time to understand a concept.

Feel free to stick around for another 2 months to complete parts you weren’t able to finish or reinforce concepts if you need to. We have your back.


While this mastermind is worth over $5,000 we only charge $591 or 4 monthly payments of $197. This discount will not be offered again prior to mastermind starting.


This is a valid question, so let me catch you up on who I am. I'm the founder of the Christian Network Marketers Community (with over 8000 members) and Emerge Sales Training where we have helped over 9000 network marketers in our coaching programs.

I have over 20 years of experience as a business coach, sales trainer, speaker, and author of the #1 Best Selling Book, Customer First: Create More Impact and Income With Your Network Marketing Business Without Being High Pressure Or "Salesy."

My philosophy is that the customer comes first, team second, and ego third. Everything I teach is from the perspective of "how does this feel for the customer". Our Customer First Sales mastermind on average helps clients triples their sales... and I know we can help you too. <3

The Customer First Sales Mastermind Is Right For You If...

  • You are committed to making your network marketing business work more efficiently while positively impacting customers' lives.


  • You are willing to improve in the basic skills of the network marketing business so that you can earn more money with the time you are spending


  • Ready to stop spinning your wheels wondering what to do each day to get results and you want to make progress in an authentic way.

The Customer First Sales Mastermind Is NOT Right For You If...

  • You have a victim mentality and don't want to make progress


  • You are not willing to make changes to how you are currently doing things.


  • You enjoy cold messaging and sending the same copy-and-paste message to everyone and don't want to talk to people.

We are so confident that you will get results that we will guarantee your results. If your confidence and wording don’t improve within the first 30 days of implementation we will give you a full refund.

I’m a business owner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in yourself. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the coaching programs I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements them will be thrilled and wish they would have made the decision to invest sooner.

While I can’t guarantee that the Customer First Sales Mastermind will make you a millionaire, I can guarantee your satisfaction. If you implement everything I teach you and don't see an improvement in your confidence and wording within 30 days I will give you a full refund.

I know it can be hard to take the first step. That's why I created the Customer First Sales Mastermind for you by giving you simple steps to follow each week with support.

When are the live calls?

The live calls kick off on Wednesday, July 31st at 8:30 am Pacific and meet every week for 8 additional weeks on the same day at the same time. Calls are 60 minutes for coaching plus 30 minutes bonus Q & A time.

Should I even bother if I can’t make it live?

Recordings posted a few hours later, you can still track with the weekly progress, ask questions in the group, submit assignments for feedback.

Will this give me specific steps to say so I know what to say AND do? YES!!!! Words are our specialty. If you get stuck, just ask and we will work through it.

What about accountability? We will go through, together, share wins, have “homework” assignments to help with this, and a coach reviewing your assignments and checking in.

When do I get access to the online course?

You will get instant access AS SOON as you click the add to my order button and complete your purchase. Hooray!

Why are you charging so little when most coaches charge thousands of dollars for a program like this?

Our mission is to give hope, confidence, and skills to network marketers of all levels at a pricepoint that is affordable for most.

What if I've tried programs before and haven't had success?

Our completion rates are 70% higher than industry standards because of our high level of support, clear action steps, and because we show up for you in a way most coaching programs don't

What’s standing in the way of you finally getting more confidence, more customers, and more builders with ease?

Three years ago I felt bad selling and had an easier time giving things away. Tasha's training changed everything and I was no longer ashamed of selling. I stopped word vomiting. I learned how to serve people through my sales process. The next month I enrolled 29 new customers! My sales process became easy and natural.

- Tina Wong, 7 Figure Earner

Using Emerge has given me and my team members a solid foundation of sales skills that have allowed me to grow a team of people making a difference in the world. This has given me a purpose and focus I never imagined possible.

- Bailey King, Top Rank In Her Company

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