A few weeks ago, I asked our email subscribers, “If I could wave a magic wand and improve one thing in your business, what would it be?”

The most common response was, “find a builder.” Today, my goal is to shift your attitude and then your actions when it comes to recruiting builders for your team. 

Instead of looking at what you need to do or YOUR feelings, let’s start by looking at this from the “potential builders” point of view. 

Why do people decide to be a builder?

1. product transformation can’t not talk about it 

2. pay for products

3. Supplemental income- $500ish per month 

4. It seems like fun

5. believe they can make a difference in their life and other people’s lives 

Keep in mind, most are entry level with supplemental income goals. And 85% will make $500 or less.

So when we say, “find a builder,” what does that even mean?

In my experience, business builders are typically defined as committed, serious, skilled, and want to earn significant (to them) profit.

Most people that contribute to network marketing are casual networkers. They share with friends and family, and aren’t necessarily going to make sacrifices, set goals, etc

If you want to “find a builder” they will emerge from your group of casual networkers.

Instead of looking for one unicorn, gather a group of horses, and one will be the fastest.

As you are thinking about your quest to find a builder-I have an important question for you: how many appointments have you had to review how to earn money with your company in the past month?

The next question is even more harsh- how many people have you invited to that conversation?

Next month is my birthday-and I’m turning 40- I don’t know if we are having a party. But I know this- even If I were to have a party, I can’t complain about not having anyone there IF WE DIDN’T INVITE THEM.

I have a challenge for you- invite 3-5 people to a recruiting conversation.

Here is how.

1. Make a list of 10 people you have chatted with in the past 2 months that you haven’t invited to a recruiting conversation. They can be new enrollments, previous customers, or just someone that you think would be good at this.

2. Reach out and tell people the truth

“I was thinking about you today and I wanted to ask you a question.. As you know, I have been working on my [company/industry] business. It occurred to me that I never asked you, would you also like to learn how to earn supplemental income with [company/industry]? I’d be glad to explain how it works.”

For a lot of people, the wording trips them up. This wording is honest, straightforward, and laid back.

If they say yes, set up an appointment. If they say no thanks, respond with, “no problem, if you change your mind, you know where to find me. I might check in from time to time to see if anything changes-is that ok?”

Just a quick recap, if you don’t know where to start to find a new builder:

1. remember, people decide for their reasons and timing, not yours
2. make a list of 10 people you neglected to invite
3. reach out and invite them to a conversation.

If you aren’t sure how to do that recruiting conversation with confidence, don’t worry! We have outlines and templates available in The Emerge Surge, which is our membership with all the tools/training you need. It’s only $47 to join and if all it did was help you be confident with doing 2-3 recruiting conversations, it would be worth it. Learn more at emergesalestraining.com/emergesurge

If you want 1-on-1, personalized coaching to build your confidence and processes for recruiting, email team@emergesalestraining.com and we will be glad to set up a time to chat.