A client said to me last week, “I really want to focus on this other business, but I need more time freedom. So once I find a few good leaders, then I will be able to have the time freedom I want.”

I told her, while bracing to get “fired,” “That’s not where your time freedom comes from. It comes from your systems, not your people.”

People come and go, and when we put the pressure on them for our time freedom, it’s a recipe for disaster, frustrations, and stress.

As an entrepreneur, we create the systems. The people use the systems.

The system is what frees up our time, which can be reinvested into other areas of our business, or other areas of our lives.

As you are listening and maybe having a panic attack at the overwhelming thought of the “bigness” of a system, I want to put you at ease.

One of my clients thought his frustration about growth was that he didn’t have a system. I assured him that he did. I asked him when I start, what do I do first, second, and third?

He responded,” invite people to a Zoom launch call. I’ll run the call. You follow up and see who wants to enroll.”

Great job! That is a system!

The definition of a system is, “a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.”

It’s not as scary as the word makes it sound, and the good news is you can chip away at your “systems” over a few years.

So where do we start? The network marketing leader must be a good role model, so we start with your own organized methods, and go from there.

1. Personal productivity

  • When you work
  • Non-negotiable activities
  • Remember, you are your most important asset

2. Personal enrolling

  • After the people you know, have a predictable way you meet new people and network
  • What you are inviting them to, and where do you make the offer?
  • Follow-up on decisions if necessary

3. Personal recruiting

  • Words for inviting to learn about the business
  • Outline for that appointment
  • Simple steps for 1st 5-10 Enrollments

4. Personal retention

  • When and how often you follow-up
  • Customer retention appointments

So do your thing, and organize one system every 90 days! This would lead you to have each part organized after a year!

Once you have these in place, you can work on organizing for your team, which is a second conversation.

If this resonates with you, we have all the pieces to help you put these systems together waiting for you in the Emerge Surge membership group. You can grab the details and join us at emergesalestraining.com/emergesurge. If you want personalized help with these or any of the leadership systems, we can help with that as well. You can email us at team@emergesalestraining.com.