Recently we have had a lot of clients share they are homeschooling, have another full-time job, a special needs child, etc and so they are struggling with the time to operate their business. Today I want to give you some encouragement, and some strategies that have worked for a lot of people, including myself. If you are feeling this is challenging, you are not alone! Other than being “salesy” this is the #1 concern amongst network marketers, and I don’t think the nuances of it are talked about enough in a real way. So here we go!

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  2. Don’t try to multitask. Many parents are homeschooling, or caring for young children. They always ask, how do I do this at the same time. You don’t. I consider homeschool or taking care of young children a full-time job. And it would be inappropriate and disrespectful to work a part-time business during another full-time job. It’s not respectful to either situation! And it causes a lot of anxiety and guilt. The better move for your family and your sanity is to choose a couple of evenings and a weekend day to work your business so your partner (or other support system) can grab the baton while you build your business. It’s like when Charlie works 6 days a week. We work together with a little extra planning to get all the things done, and we choose which things aren’t as big of a priority. There are more crockpot meals. Zoey makes BBQ chicken sandwiches. My mom gets called for a stash of Indian food. 
  3. I recommend alternating days on and off so you have space to rest. Context switching back and forth is tough. So working Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday in 4 hour spurts will be more productive than working 6 days in 2 hour spurts. 
  4. Block off time in your family’s schedule the same way that we would block off our children’s sporting events or a Bible study. I like to have clients print out a weekly calendar, write in when they are working on the business and what they are doing, and then put it on the fridge just like everything else. It helps to keep everyone in the loop.
  5. Sharpen your saw on your technical skills. A high-converting sales conversation helps everyone to be more effective with their time. Our clients who use the Customer First Sales System do this… they time block their available openings. They invite people to meet with them 1-on-1 or in a group. They give an agenda, ask some questions, explain scenarios where people use the products, and give 2 simple options to buy. They typically give an extra bonus if they buy that day. Most clients have over half of the people decide to order. This is great because your network goes a lot further and there is way less busy work involved, like follow-up or confusion over what you are doing.

Getting your current situation to your ideal situation takes a bunch of small adjustments. I recommend that you think about what I’ve shared with you and pick 1-2 things you are either going to start, stop, or continue. Choose the thing that is going to make the biggest difference for you and your family. And keep adjusting over time. You will get it. I believe in you. 🙂


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