There’s so much wisdom in looking at our business like it’s a house or a building because as business owners we are building something, we’re creating something. I think that the idea of a house is really helpful.

What is our house built on? Are you building your house on sand or are you building your house on a rock?  

If you don’t know what to do to get more customers/builders, how are you going to implement it? If you don’t know what to say, how are you going to have a positive mindset about your success? Or if what you’re saying is ineffective, the mindset isn’t going to push through that, except that it’s going to keep you in the game long enough to figure out what to say instead. 

So with this particular client, instead of addressing her mindset, what we did instead is we wrote out the wording for her close so that she knew exactly what to say… Guess what!?  Now her wording isn’t pushy and it’s very easy to say, “Well, do you want to go ahead and order this? Is this a good fit for you and your family”? 

If you know what to do and what to say, then you’re in a good place. This is what I would call technical skill. If you need a heart surgeon you are probably going to look for one with actual technical skill vs someone who just has a really amazing mindset around

 whether or not they can perform heart surgery but has no actual training. I think it’s very convenient for the industry to be able to blame everything on your mindset issues. 

I do acknowledge that there are parts of perspective and assumptions that we make that need to be corrected… but it’s a lot easier to blame you for your mindset than it is to get into the nitty gritty on technical skill. 

Technical skills like:

– How do you craft an agenda so customers want to buy? 

– What exactly do you do when it comes to things like time blocking? 

– What exactly is a 90-day follow up strategy? 

– Once somebody buys once what do you say so that they keep ordering each month?

If you would like to take the skills assessment that I go through in this video so that you can identify which technical skills will be most helpful for you to focus on first, you can take it here:

I really hope this is helpful for you :).


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