I remember working with one of my clients named Roxy a while back. She had a successful team and was trying to go to the next level by doing the same things that got her there. While she wanted to rely on what she knew and what she was good at, she was burning herself out because more of the same wasn’t getting her to the next level.

For her situation, she needed to maintain her personal enrolling and recruiting, while implementing some processes that she and her team could use to take care of new customers and builders easily. I told her it would take a year. She cried. 

But she knew it was right. So she followed the roadmap (which wasn’t as organized as the one I’m going to give you today) and I got a call 6 months later. She did it. She hit the next rank, which had an average monthly income of 20-40K a month. 

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We need a goal, and a plan for the next right thing, not any right thing. This is why a bit of personalized mentorship is important. 

If I’m driving to my mom’s house, first, I need to know my destination. But then I need to make the right turn at the right time or I’ll never get there. If I make a wrong turn, it’s OK, I can reroute. There is room for adjustment. But if I keep making the turn 1 mile after my mom’s house because I’m following some other car with a different destination (maybe their mom’s house), I’m not going to make it to MY destination.

Listen/Watch and I’m going to walk you through the roadmap and you can download a free copy HERE).  I will share the 3 major stages, how to know which stage you are in, and exactly what to focus on. 

I hope this is super helpful for you today!


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