Letty stopped engaging people online because she didn’t know how to transition from engagement posts to “can I interest you in natural health solutions.” 

By the end of this coaching call, Letty felt so much more confident in how social media networking actually works. She now understands how to engage with people on social media and feel great about being who she actually is!

In this video, I will coach Letty through

  • Why the transition from interaction to “talking about the business” can be difficult
  • The truth about how networking actually works
  • How to take her natural people skills and translate them online
  • Not being a “spammy” network marketer

I hope this is helpful to you! (Let Letty know how much you appreciate her being brave and doing this call)

If this resonates with you, we can “fix” your social media strategy so it feels great AND is effective. Schedule a time to chat with my business partner Karen to explore what masterminds or coaching would be a good fit for you at emergesalestraining.com/chat.