I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

Did the little engine that could get to the top of the mountain by ONLY thinking that he could?

Nope… he thought he could AND he moved into action.  

Today I am talking to my business partner and Co-Creator of “Your Leadership Foundation”, Karen Hammond. We talk about how implementing one small thing can have a huge result.

Positive thinking alone can’t get us to the top of the mountain…  but thoughts CAN hold us back from actually moving into action. Because:

Performance is driven by behavior

Behavior is driven by emotions

Emotions are driven by thoughts

As we become skilled at recognizing the thoughts that are having a detrimental impact on our business and lives, we can choose a different thought.  And the KEY is then taking action on that new thought.

An example of one of the thoughts that has held our client back in the past is:

Because I am a mom with responsibilities I don’t have the time to get things done. 

If you are an Emerge client you know that we believe to look at things from the lens of customer first, team second, my ego third.  

So when we chatted with the client about how this thought was impacting customers she said, “I don’t even try to set  appointments with potential customers because I don’t believe I have the time. As a result my team takes my lead and we have low enrollments across the board.” When I think about my own business I just feel overwhelmed and defeated.”

Once the client was able to look at the impact the thought was having on the customer, team, and herself she was able to do a thought reframe.

The important thing about reframing the thought is that it needs to actually be a thought that you can believe.  We also see the most success when the new thought focuses on the action not the end result. Her new thought was: “ I am learning to focus on the most important activities so that I can create the time that I need.”

Just by recognizing the thought that was holding her back she was able to get unstuck and move into action.

So the challenge is to take inventory of the thoughts that you are having that are keeping you stuck.  Write them down and pick the one that is having the most negative impact on you.

Think about how the thought is impacting your customers, your team, and the way that you feel about your business.

Next write down the new thought that you can believe and choose one action step that you are committed to taking to reinforce it.

We would love to hear your new thought and what action you are committed to :).

I hope that this was helpful to you today! 

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