It is my birthday celebration and today, we are doing a Q&A on social media and your network marketing business, and we are getting the party started!  We are celebrating with 39% off Social Media Coaching, both the online and group coaching (while spots remain available) versions, so go to to celebrate with me!

I did a Facebook Live and answered some questions.  If you missed it, you can listen to it here in the podcast.  

Here are some of the highlights and when questions were asked, so you can go back and watch or listen for specific questions you are interested in.

1:30 – If you’re on social media, and you’re asking people, as part of your relationship building process to watch a video, or download something, how do you actually create a conversation?

2:50 – How to get people to engage on your Facebook page instead of just scrolling?

4:30 – How to get interaction on a new page without having to pay to boost your content?

7:00 – How does a new mom show up for her team as well as on social media when her baby starts crying just when she’s about to go live or snap a selfie?

9:15 – How do I continue to be authentic on my personal page while posting about my product?

13:00 – How to not annoy your audience with overkill of live video?

-You’ll want to hear this answer, but it might make you hungry :).

I hope this Q&A session was helpful for you today!

Don’t forget to go to to celebrate my birthday!