Are you using social media to attract new customers to your network marketing business?  Then you have probably asked yourself if you should start a Facebook group or a business page.

In this podcast, we will talk through the best option for your business.  

When thinking about where to put your attention, it’s important to think about a few things:

  1. Who your target market is
  2. Where they (your target market) are going to be  

Let’s assume at this point, your target market is going to be on Facebook, so the question becomes “Should I start a Facebook business page or a Facebook group for prospects?”

You are probably asking, “Why can’t I just use my personal page?”  Using your personal page is where you talk about your normal everyday life.  Like anyone else, your business will come up in everyday life. Using your personal page won’t work the same way and it won’t help your ability to influence people.

So let’s actually go through and brainstorm the pros and cons of a Facebook group vs a Facebook page.  You may have additional things you add to your brainstorm. I have:

Facebook Group – Pros

-More reach – people have opted-into say “yes I want to be here!”

-There is a better community feel

-Community feel helps with messaging people in the group

-You can tag people

-Privacy – the group can be closed and only the people in the group can see questions being asked/answered

Facebook Group – Cons

-Can’t run ads, therefore people need to be invited

-Can’t share content

Facebook Page – Pros

-Shareable content

-Can run ads (so there is a traffic source)

-Can link the page to the groups

Facebook Page – Cons

-Teams won’t invite people to the page

-Can’t tag people in your posts (just in comments)

-Can’t message people unless people comment

So when is it a good idea to choose a group versus a page?

It really just depends on your goal.  If your goal is a place for your entire team to invite people as a place to warm up prospects when they don’t buy right off the bat, a group is a good way to go about it.

If you are looking for personal new customers, enrollments, and builders, then a business page is going to be best because it will be for you.

Either way, when you name the group, make sure you don’t name it “Tasha’s Sales Training Group,” or “Tasha’s Sales Training Page.”  We are in the process of changing the name of our page to reflect something so our audience responds with, “Oh, that’s me!” Pages or groups that do well are named so that people understand that this is a place that I want to be and hang out.

Whether you start a page or a group, you want to make sure you have awesome content that is valuable to your audience.  Use different kinds of posts like conversation starters, story posts (so people get to know you), problem-solving/value posts, and posts that help people move to the next step.

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