Recently my daughter Zoey learned a big lesson that I hope is helpful for you too…

So here is what happened….

We were taking Monday off to go to Legoland as a family, so I talked to the kids about doing their homework on Saturday to get ahead.  They understood and agreed to the idea, but when it came down to actually doing their work, they did not have the best attitudes. It showed in Zoey’s work because she ended up failing an exam. 🙁

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She had to take a 30-question exam on water, which was boring (according to Zoey :)), and she got a 56%…

Like most of us who know that feeling, Zoey cried, and cried, and cried.

I was able to help her to reflect.  She looked back and noticed she was frustrated and distracted after the first half of the exam because she was taking it in the living room on the couch where everyone else was hanging out instead of her room that is quieter.

Next, “So what adjustments are you going to make moving forward?”

“I’m going to be in my room, have a snack, with essential oils in my diffuser, and a good attitude!  And no distractions!”

I was able to teach Zoey a few things through the failure of her exam:

  1. It’s ok to get upset
  2. Reflect
  3. Ask for a redo
  4. Try again

From there we looked at her grades, and we found that she had been keeping some other bad grades on quizzes hidden from me.  Zoey had the best and the worst day. The worst part was having me discover that she had some bad grades. But the cool part was that she could learn from her mistakes, build from there, and try again.

She took a couple more quizzes in her room, away from distractions and got 100%!


So moving forward she has discovered to make some adjustments to get her the results that she wants…

If you aren’t getting the results that you want, take a step back and follow Zoey’s lead to reflect and reconvene.

I hope this was helpful for you, or I hope that if you know someone who may find this helpful to pass it along.  Remember that we will make mistakes, and we can learn from them by not getting upset, reflecting on what we can do well, and to try again.

Have a great day!


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