You may think it is totally crazy that I recently threw a major temper tantrum over the person loved by so many… Rachel Hollis. I want to share why and the 4 lessons that I hope will be helpful for you… go ahead and watch/listen HERE.

You may think it is totally crazy that I recently threw a major temper tantrum over the person loved by so many… Rachel Hollis. I want to share why and the 4 lessons that I hope will be helpful for you… go ahead and watch/listen HERE.

Recently my business partner ever so gently brought up an idea that stemmed from Rachel Hollis.  She had to be very careful as to how she went about this because she KNEW that the NAME Rachel Hollis stirred up something deep inside me.  And of course, being the smart lady that my business partner is- she did not want to endure the wrath of my tantrum. 

So why does someone who is doing such great things, who aligns with my purpose and my mission to help women – literally her stuff is called “Rise” and our name is Emerge which means to rise up and even THAT irritates me 😝 – bothers me so much?

The truth is that it really has nothing to do with Rachel Hollis… but has everything to do with the fact that she did something that I have a dream to do.   She is out there impacting a lot of people, and it shines a light on this frustration I have with myself for not taking action.

You see I have had a dream of writing a relatable story-based book.  When I see the work that Rachel Hollis is doing it exposes how I have let things hold me back (don’t have the time, imposter syndrome, etc).  If I didn’t spend so much time being fearful while running my business, I wouldn’t have created so many problems that took so much time to unravel and solve.  Then maybe I would have had time to do this thing that Rachel Hollis is doing. 

Can you relate to ever looking another successful person and rather than celebrating in their success you feel envious?  If so- you aren’t alone. This can really be a shame spiral and the first step to avoiding the spiral is confessing how we feel.  So here I am friends- confessing to you.  

I am just like you are – I have been working for 3 and a half years building my coaching business from the ground up and we have done some amazing things – but it doesn’t change the fact that I am human and I get caught up in some compare-and-despair just like everyone else.  And this is how I am handling it.

If you relate to this or know someone who does, I hope these steps can be helpful for you.

  • Don’t throw shame on it.
    Acknowledge the emotion – it is human.

  • Figure out what the actual problem is
    I had to take some time and figure out why I was feeling this way.  If you follow Brene Brown’s work, she talks about being curious about your feelings, explore it, let it be a little bit messy and get to the core of why are you feeling this way.

  • Is this even the right time?
    Recently, it has been no, it isn’t the right time, but am I wanting to do this out of a fear of missing out? 

    I had to actually take a step back and acknowledge my emotions and then think a little more strategically and ask myself, “Clearly I’m going to do this thing that is on my heart.  Is this the right time?” For a while it was “No”, but now I am much closer to a “Yes” so now I have to get myself started.

  • Move imperfectly forward
    One of the biggest problems most people have is they don’t follow their own journey.  I love the quote “Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.”

    It can be very easy to look at other people’s businesses, success, or families and see a snapshot of where they are today, but you don’t see any of the paving the road that has led them there.  And we compare things that don’t make a lot of sense. I fall into the trap of comparing the wrong things.

    I think it’s really important to take a step back and don’t compare our beginnings with someone else’s middle BUT don’t detach either.  Look for clues of success.  Look at people more successful than us for inspiration. 

    I can look at someone like Rachel Hollis and see that she is getting out there, making a difference, her popularity is showing there is a need, and that I need to keep moving forward.  I can pick up the clues and examine if it is the right time for me.

Again, the definition of Emerge is to rise up from an inferior and unfortunate position, and that is all we can do when we look at successful people.  We can look at them as a source of inspiration, of encouragement, pick up their clues, move a step forward, and pick up their clues and move a step forward.  That is what I am committed to doing.

I hope this is encouraging and helpful to you.  Have a great day and see you soon!

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