We have all been there as the customer…

Having someone explain ALL of the details of their product and we find ourselves bored and disengaged…

So how do we make sure we don’t have potential customers feel this way?

We love our products and we don’t understand why others don’t get how awesome the features are without being pushy or salesy.  Here is the truth… Nobody cares about features – they care about what the product will do for them. Today I am going to help you with 3 steps that will move your customers from boredom to saying “YES! I need this.” To watch/listen to this video HERE.

The problem that you and I have is that we are so close to the product, and we have been using it for such a long time that we forget what it’s like to be new, to not have this product already.  So when we explain the features to a new customer, all of the dots are already connected in our minds between the feature of the product and how it is going to help.

This is top of mind for me because I have just finished writing a book, and I have been working with this content for almost 20 years.  So to me, it is so obvious as to why people need it, and it can be hard for me to connect the dots on how and why my coaching is going to help them.  This is a problem for anyone making sales for a product, or if you are recruiting, or coaching.

We have to remember to connect the dots for people.

Here is a quote from Theodore Levitt that I love, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.”  People don’t care about your product. They care about how that product will impact their overall quality of life.

If we in the sales role make that hard for our customer, they are not going to connect the dots, they are not going to get it, and they are not going to buy, even though we know the product we have is going to help them.

Let’s go over some really quick steps, and then I will give you some examples that will help.

  1. Understand the features
  2. Brainstorm and ask “Why do I care?” until you get somewhere that impacts their overall quality of life
  3. Use this idea of how it will impact their overall quality of life and see if you can paint a picture, or explain a scenario of how it can be helpful. For example, you can ask, “Have you ever been in a scenario where…?”

Here are some examples:

  1. Why do I care that there is a scratchy side? I’ll be able to clean better.
  2. Who cares about that?  I don’t want to clean better!  I don’t want to clean at all.
  3. So what? If it cleans better, I won’t be embarrassed when my family or friends come over and eat off that plate.  And my relationship with the people around me is something that impacts the quality of my life.

You have to keep following this “So what?  Why do I care?” train until you get to how it impacts my overall quality of life.

Another way is to dig deeper into a scenario in which I’m going to use it and play that out. “Have you ever had a friend or family member call last minute and say they are on their way over, and your sink is full of dishes?  So the sponge with the scratchy side will help you clean better and faster so that you can be proud of your home when your loved ones arrive and you can relax with them.”  

And that is what impacts the quality of my life.  I don’t care so much about the dirty dishes, but I care about being able to relax with my friends or relatives when they visit me.

You may be reading this and saying to yourself, “Arghh!  This is hard!” Yes, it is kind of hard, but I just want you to realize if it is hard for you, and you know the products backward and forward, what do you think your customer is feeling?  Your customer is actually attempting to do this in their mind without knowing the product the way you do while you’re speaking.

So I just want to encourage you to take a few minutes and jot down for 2-3 of your company’s major products and ask, “Why do I care?  Why do I care? Why do I care?” and try to explain it in the way we’ve talked about today. It should really help your customers “get it,” help you to make more sales so that you can transform their lives, for you to grow your business, for you to have more joy and more income in less time so that you can have more time to spend with your family.

And that is what you really want – more time with your family.  

I hope this was helpful for you!  Have a great day!

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