Event attendance is critical for your success as a leader in network marketing.  I know numerous clients who checked out convention “just for fun” and are now 6 figure earners.

It may seem like a heavy lift to increase attendance so today I will talk about 5 simple steps that will make a huge impact.  You can click the image below to watch the video. For your convenience, here is the link to a summary of my notes 🙂 emergesalestraining.com/373notes

Why is it important to invite people to go to events?

Bringing your team members outside of their homes and into a different space creates a different level of clarity and creativity which increases their commitment level.  For example, I don’t like traveling because it disrupts normal routines and my coaching schedule, but I usually do have an “Ah ha!” moment when I’m gone. When I am in my office day after day, I am used to doing particular things over and over again, and being out of the office changes my way of thinking and motivation.
It isn’t about what they learn at the event.  It is about what they feel at the event.  Those feelings at the events create action, and the action creates income and confidence.  Events create action and maximize your efforts.

Keys to getting your team to events:

“If you build it, they will come isn’t” going to cut it:  Just informing people isn’t going to cut it. It is like telling a customer simply, “We have this kit/pack.”  You have to “enroll” them just like when you enroll a new customer by setting up an appointment with them, ask them their goals, explain the product to them, share with them the features and benefits, and then ask them if they want to buy the product.  The steps are similar and with a little planning, you can increase your business results year-over-year by increasing attendance.

Example: Annual Company Convention

  1. Set a goal – everything starts with a goal, so you know if you are doing a good job or not
    People leave this out.  Put it somewhere you can see it.
  2. Plan for fall-out.  Decide how many people need to say “yes” to attending in order to hit your number.
  3. Make a list of people who might enjoy it.
  4. Brainstorm why they would care (see latest podcast on how to help them care).
  5. Tell them you would love for you to come! Invite them to come and talk about the benefits for them.  Can we talk about if it’s a good fit for you? Help them make a plan to earn the money to attend.

Keep people excited – encourage them to invite someone to come.  This will add to the numbers! If someone is coming with someone, they are more likely to follow through.

I really hope that this was helpful for you today.

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