Today we are going to talk about some of the frequently asked questions that come up inside of our Emerge Surge membership group and with our clients regarding social media. You can click the image below to watch/listen to this video.  

For your convenience, scroll down for a summary of the questions you can print out and keep handy for when these questions come up. 🙂 You can also share a cheat of these notes with your team members who may benefit HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Should I start a business page?

  • There are 6 ways for you to meet potential customers:
    • People you know
    • Referrals/hosting
    • Vendor booths
    • Networking events/speaking
    • Partnership with businesses
    • Social media
  • To meet NEW people through social media will take creating a target market, consistent posting 2x per day, and the ability to connect with people quickly, and transition this into a live conversation.
  • You are building a new sphere of influence which will take several hours per week, and several months to gain momentum, kind of like moving to a new city.
  • We spend all of our time on Facebook- think of Facebook newsfeed as a newspaper. Sometimes you can get free PR but if you want to advertise your business, take out an ad. Be prepared to advertise if you want your business page to grow traction
  • To build an audience in person or online, you will need to invest either time or money.
  • If you have a type of person you are excited to serve (homeschooling moms) then you can get more traction quickly. If you are just trying to “promote your business” it’s going to be hard to stand out from the millions of network marketers in the world

2.  How do I get more engagement?

  • Mixing up the types of posts, and writing them yourself will increase engagement.
  • It’s very appealing to use premade graphics but that’s not why people are on Facebook
  • They want to be smart, funny, and cool
  • A mix of 4-5 different types of post will engage different people:
  1. Engagement– quick answers that make people seem smart (debate questions work well)
  2. Story- behind the scenes posts
  3. Value– here is something useful that will make your life better
  4. Action– comment below if you would like to learn about or do this thing
  5. Social proof- depending on the place (group, personal page, business page) it might make sense to share success stories

3.  Should I use graphics?

  • Very sparingly- do you enjoy seeing graphics? Do you engage with them?
  • This is not what people are here for
  • If you have really high engagement and trust, this could get traction… just know these will be your lowest engaging posts of all

4.  How do I strike up conversations with people that actually lead to sales?

  • There are 2 ways to do this- incoming and outgoing
  • Overall, your job is to be friendly, and mirror the interaction you would have in “real life”
  • If they comment and like something you posted:

-If you know them simply say, “Hey- how are you? It’s nice to see you pop up in my newsfeed!”

-If you don’t know them say,  “Hey! It’s nice to meet you- how are we connected? I see _____ (something from profile)____, that’s really cool.”

  • If you are interacting with others:
    • Be friendly- how would you make a friend in real life?
    • “That’s super cool that you got a new house. Congratulations!”
    • See if they are friendly back 🙂
  • If the conversation turns to the problems you solve…
    • “Do you know what I do for work?
    • I work with ____ and we help people solve ____ problems. Is solving that something that’s important to you? If you want… usually what I do is set up an appointment...”

Just remember to talk to people just like you would in real life and don’t force the conversation.  You’ve got this! I really hope that this was helpful for you today.

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