Has life ever gotten so crazy that you can’t figure out how to make any progress in your business?

I have worked with so many clients where the unexpected has happened, and they truly WANT to run a successful business but they aren’t sure how to manage ALL of the things being thrown their way.

I am really excited to share this coaching today that I had with one of our amazing clients, Kimberly Nowlin. She had put her business on hold after a really rough couple of years. Having three children to take care of… including one with cystic fibrosis, a husband diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer, and trying to homeschool had put a pause on her business. When we met to chat she was wanting to restart her business and make a significant income. The massive amount of responsibility she shouldered was leaving her feeling hopeless on how to gain any sort of momentum.

In this call we coach through a plan and I was so happy she left feeling hopeful. If you can relate to feeling like you can’t come up for air, then this will be an encouragement to you and will also help you with a plan.

I would love to hear if you have an “aha” moment or feel encouragement from this today. Drop me a line at tasha@emergesalestraining.com and let me know!


Flowchart to help with goals

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