Watch this if you want to get MORE done in LESS time…

Imagine having a clear plan where you know exactly what to do everyday, ditching the overwhelm, and feeling motivated to work so you could make more profit in your business.

Are you wondering what is covered in this mastermind?

Week 1

The Right Goals to Increase Income


Week 2

Making Your List of Non-Negotiables

Week 3

Planning Strategies That Actually Work (and Adjusting for Your Unique Personality)

Week 4

Keys to Consistency and Avoiding Distraction

Week 5

Balancing Social Media, Team, Learning, and All The Things


Week 6

Creating Systems to Duplicate Results Without Taking More Time

Week 7

Implementation Workshop For Mastery and Consistency With Results

Week 8

Implementation Workshop For Mastery and Consistency With Results

This is for you if…


You are done struggling with knowing exactly what to do to make progess in your business each day


You are committed to taking consistent action in your business because you want to positively impact customers’ lives


You want to improve in the basic skills of time management and productivity so you can earn more money with the time you are spending on your business


All of the training you have taken is swirling in your head and you want to cut through the noise and gain clarity on the next right steps


You have ever felt like “I’m just not good at time management” and wonder if you will EVER master productivity


You wish you would feel “more motivated” and feel frustrated that your “to-do” list keeps getting longer (instead of shorter or done!)

Here’s what other network marketers are saying about Tasha’s productivity coaching:

Since working with Tasha on productivity...HOLY COW!

Before working with Tasha on productivity I felt so frustrated with my lack of consistency to create results.  My biggest challenge was how to make myself “do the things” when I didn’t feel like it.  I tried having a daily morning routine, endless “to-do” lists, and making 2 new “friends” per day…

After working with Tasha and implementing what she taught I have averaged 7-8 enrollments per month (for the last 6 months!).   I won the incentive trip, and have been able to take a few vacations because my work was actually done.  My team is growing, my income is increasing, and I feel more confident. – Amy St. Hilaire

This was a gift and I'm so grateful!

My life has been in huge transition and I needed to hear clear instructions on how to grow my business from an expert.  

In the network marketing space, we hear a lot about taking action.  We rarely hear it broken down so that we know exactly what action to take.

After working with Tasha, I now now what to do and have clear, measurable numbers and goals.  That is a gift and I’m so grateful!

– Becca Shugart


Take a Minute to Imagine the Following


Knowing exactly what to do each day to create momentum and forward movement in your business


Ditching endless cycles of overwhelm and having a clear path forward each day


Leaving your frustration in the past and having the confidence to move forward


Staying consistent no matter what obstacles came your way because you have clarity on the actions you need to take


Feeling motivated to work and excited to approach each day


Having support, accountability, and feedback when you get stuck

How is this different than all of the other masterminds out there promising to give you the secret to productivity?

When you choose the mastermind option, not only will you have instant access to start watching the training videos…You will have REAL TIME coaching support so that you can skyrocket your success.  


Here is what you will get….

INSTANT access to your online training

LIVE weekly coaching calls (for 6 weeks) with Tasha Smith, Emerge Founder & Author of the best-selling book, “Customer First: Create More Impact and Income With Your Network Marketing Business“. These calls are recorded if you can’t make it live. Calls will start on Tuesday, July 26th and meet weekly at 8:30 am Pacific time for 6 weeks.  The coaching will be one hour, but Tasha will stay on and answer questions, so we suggest you block 90 minutes for each call so you can take advantage of the bonus Q & A time.

BONUS Q & A time at the end of each coaching call so that you can get answers for your questions

LIFETIME ACCESS to an online training that will support your learning

EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you can ask questions between calls, be encouraged, have accountability, and get feedback

ACTION LISTS so you know exactly what to do to move your business forward without confusion.

Ready to Get Started? 


Want a 1-day Intensive?

Join our Accelerated group instead.

Rather than 8 weeks of group coaching, this is a 1-day intensive that gives you all the same content. 

Why We Created This Mastermind


If you need to sell to feed your family, we are here to help you. Mastering productivity is essential to having a profitable business.


No one has taught most people the foundation of time management, and it’s sucking the joy out of people’s businesses


Many network marketers are stuck in inaction… they have so many strategies spinning in their mind they can’t move forward


Real talk + effective and easy to follow strategy + action = breakthrough without chaos


A system is a set of organized processes which gets consistent outcomes


Accountability and momentum of a group also working hard to be consistent