Today we are going to talk about the who, what, why, when, where of online customer groups because this is a place alot of people are struggling… can you take viagra after food watch go site see url narrative essay draft get link cheapest cialis and viagra nursing school applycation essay need help with resume follow link go site proofread my paper free follow url how to write a criticism paper source site viagra da memoria farmacia online viagra super dulox-force viagra dick before after source url follow url What is an online customer group?

This is usually a Facebook group created by a network marketer to invite current and potential customers. Leaders promote products, share stories, and in general communicate with their community.

Where is an online customer group?

Typically on Facebook. There are concerns about not everyone being on Facebook. Similar content can be delivered through email. So it’s not more content, just the same. If you are worried that will bother people, don’t worry. We will cover that.

Who should start an online customer group? Who should join?

A network marketer who wants to grow their business should probably start one once there are 50 people to invite to it. This would include customers, team members, and potential customers. Team members will be encouraged to invite their customers or potential customers as well, creating a system that increases retention and recruiting for your entire team until they are able to do this on their own! This makes sense for network marketers that are serious about their business and are committed. None of us know what we will be doing FOR sure 3 years from now. You aren’t marrying your group, it’s not that kind of commitment. But you do want to have about 2-3 hours a week to dedicate to it for the next 3 months. After that, we can probably move it down to an hour a week.

One mistake is for people to keep it as a “VIP” group which is an old strategy. The best and most effective groups have customers and potential customers. As customers share success stories, the potential customers feel more confident moving forward. 

Why is a customer group important?

1-on-1 follow-up is not going to work if your network marketing business grows. And your team members are not likely to follow up well with their customers. So we want to plug them all into a place where they will receive consistent communication. This means that you can post one message and reach hundreds or thousands. This makes you more efficient. It also means you aren’t the only resource. A crowdsourcing function starts to happen which again starts to lighten your load. This is a great place to share customer testimonials, remove obstacles to product use, and invite to events. 

When do you post in a group?

I recommend 5 posts a week, although you can do more. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Each week, choose one problem or goal your product line addresses. 

  • Monday- ask a conversation starter around that problem/goal?
  • Tuesday- share a story in which you or someone else used your product to address that goal or problem
  • Wednesday- share a demo, or a how-to video
  • Thursday- invite people to learn more about something. One example is, “Who wants a video on how to earn free products with [company]?”
  • Friday- share a testimonial or ask a question like, “share why you love ____ and be entered to win a _______.” This will get you more testimonials at a low cost to your business. 

But some people are saying, “Groups are dead. I get no engagement”. If we are not getting engagement, we need to think about what our target market likes about social media, instead of what we want to post. Taking a step back and using tried and true conversation techniques will make a big difference. And we want about 10-30% of your group to see any one post. It’s still better than no one.

I really hope this was helpful for you to get your group spinning :).


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