Today I want to share with you a coaching technique I use that truly helps people get out of their own way, and this is one that I think would be really helpful for you.

Last week I was having my first meeting with a new Resilient Leader client. The Resilient Leader is a hybrid 1-on-1/mastermind coaching program.  I love it because I get to have a view into each client’s goals and hold them accountable. 

It was the first call so I did the standard questions… 

  • How have the last 3 months gone?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish in the next 6-12 months?
  • What are you good at?
  • What’s hard for you?

This client (like many others) had a fierce determination in her eyes and shared she had been doing a lot of personal development. She was ready to have a breakthrough, but didn’t know where to start… so she signed up for the Resilient Leader…

I asked her, “When was a time where you were successful professionally?” 

She shared about her previous success as an entrepreneur. Perfect!

Then I asked her 2 more questions…

The first question: What were the conditions you created in your business that created that peak performance? 

I’m sure there are many people that right now are analyzing the poor grammar of that question but it’s just the best way I know to explain what I need to know. 🙂 

She shared about how she was always present with her clients, how when she saw another problem that they weren’t addressing, she insisted they purchase a package that would address it. She wouldn’t let them get a smaller purchase that wouldn’t get results, she told them the truth about how they could get real results and then they moved forward. 

Because of this approach, her business thrived through referrals and she had wonderful relationships with her clients. 

I repeated this back to her and she laughed and said, “DANG, who is THAT! I need to get her to work in my network marketing business.”

The second question: what are the triggers for creating “valley” performance?

Peaks and valleys. If we can identify them, we can recreate the peaks and avoid the triggers.  

Not surprisingly, the triggers for this client were focusing too much on the outcomes versus solving the problems. The trigger was the opposite of the peak performance conditions.

So the solution of where to start was simple…

Recreate the peak conditions. Guard against the triggers. 

I’m happy to report that my client was SO excited! She knew she had it inside her this whole time, but just needed to find it. I have no doubt she is going to have an amazing year.

The truth is, we aren’t kids. Many of my clients are in their late 30s, 40s. We aren’t blank slates.

Sure, that comes with some baggage. Failure. Mid-life crisis. Wrinkles we don’t like on camera. Abandonment. Mistakes. 

But that also comes with success! The successful career as a project manager. The Bachelor’s degree. The successful side business. And the lessons learned from some of our mistakes give us wisdom and experience. 

Today my friend, I want you to stop thinking about your failures and missteps. 

Think back to when you were the “most successful.” Reflect on your mindset, routines, processes and education that created that success. Bring these back.

You aren’t starting from scratch, you are starting from experience.


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