Today I want to share with you the answers to the most common questions I get for recruiting.

  1. How do I talk to someone and not feel clunky?
  2. What do I do with a new builder?
  3. What do I say to offer the business opportunity to every new customer?
  4. I’m on a chat string with a bunch of people and I want to invite them to a business opportunity conversation. How do I do this without being salesy?
  5. What do I say when people ask how much I earn?

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How do I talk to someone and not feel clunky?

There are 3 pieces to not feeling clunky with your recruiting process and the key here is to make it a process instead of trying to recruit on the fly.

  1. Invitation to business overview
  2. The actual business overview
  3. Launch process to them getting their first 5-10 enrollments

The easiest invitation can go something like this, “I don’t want to make any assumptions, would you like to learn how to earn money with [company].

In the business overview, you will want to have an agenda, a few questions to get on the same page with your potential builder, what they would do, how they get paid, and their next steps. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but if you make an outline, it will not be that clunky.

Imagine yourself in the situation, jot down on a notepad what you want to say, and then do a few run-throughs. Everything is clunky the first few times. Think back to your 1-on-1 or group event. How many times was it clunky until it wasn’t? Probably 5-10 times. I have been doing a social media webinar 1x per month and I’ve done it 3x total. The timing and stories are still a little clunky, and I’m a professional sales trainer. I realized because they were so few and far between, I wasn’t getting enough reps to get the clunkiness out of my system. So if conversations feel clunky, you aren’t alone. You can invite people to practice appointments if you want just to get the clunkiness out of your system. 

If you need help outlining all of this, we have templates and “what to say” videos in the recruiting section of our membership.

What do I do with a new builder?

The goal is to collaborate with them and give them direction to enroll their first 5-10 people. A lot of leaders get really caught up in how to set them up for success forever, but it’s really month to month. 

For your preparation, have your invitation outline, sales outline, business overview outline and anything else all in one document. You may want a place for them to brainstorm their list of people, or write down their goals. 

In the recruiting section of our membership, we have a template that includes all of that.

As far as the actual steps, simply instruct them to gather their top 3-5 people and set up 3-way calls to explain the business side. And then give them an invitation for people to invite to a class/social/party either zoom or online. They invite, you teach. Just keep it simple and make sure they have the outline you are following so they don’t get intimidated by your awesomeness and feel like they can’t do it.

If you need help gathering an effective invite and outline that is duplicatable, we have templates and examples in the enrolling part of our membership.

What do I say to offer the business opportunity to every new customer?

I don’t want to make any assumptions, would you like to learn how to make money with [company].

If you don’t do it at enrollment, you can follow up with something like, “Most people want to know how the income side works, even if just out of curiosity. Is that sort of the same for you? Would you like me to share that with you now, or set up a time to go into more detail?”

What do I say when people ask how much I earn?

What’s funny about this question is I get it from people who feel like they don’t make enough, and people who make a lot. 

We need to take a step back and look at WHY people even ask this question. Often it’s from hyping the income, instead of establishing trust, compassion, stability and hope. 

This question is actually a hidden concern, “will I be successful?” Start by responding, “what’s on your mind?” Then they will tell you the real concern they have. Address that one.

We aren’t trying to hide income levels, I think transparency is important. If you don’t make as much as you would like, just tell them the truth. “I average about _____ per month, and I know that I need to improve X skills, or increase the time I put in.”

If you make a lot of income, there are other expectations attached to this question. I think the best response is, “This is my full-time income, and we do very well. How much you make will be dependent on your skills, experience, time put in, and ultimately your actual results.” If you are in the top 1-3% of income, be careful of violating any FTC regulations by overpromising that they can get what are actually atypical results.

I hope that at least one of these answers was helpful to you today. 🙂

Sometimes it’s hard to even know what questions to ask. This morning, I woke up in a fog, feeling really unsettled with how coronavirus is impacting my mental game. My friend asked, “would you like to talk, I’m here.” The truth is, I didn’t know what to talk about. So I said, “I’m just going to work out, I don’t know what to talk about.” 

I think that happens to us in business. Our head gets so foggy and we don’t even know what to ask to get some clarity. If we knew what question to ask, we might not even need to ask it to someone else! This is why I love doing these FAQs, I’m hoping it cuts through some of that fog for you.

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