The Resilient Leader Mastermind

Rank Advance Using Systems & Strengths, Not Stress


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 Why The Resilient Leader?

We created this coaching program because leaders are pouring into others but no one is pouring into them!

The Resilient Leader Mastermind is a place for leaders (and aspiring leaders) to come for accountability, support, clarity, and strategies for growth.

Network marketers turn to The Resilient Leader when…

  • They are eager to learn, but the more they learn and grow their time gets scattered all over the place and they aren’t exactly sure where to prioritize their time
  • They are not getting enough action out of their builders, or their builders’ builders
  • They are drowning in work because they haven’t been able to find a simple way to move from 1-on-1 communication with customers and builders to 1-to-many. So they are hesitant to really go for it because they don’t have systems that can care for all of the people

What makes The Resilient Leader different than other Emerge courses is…

  • This is the next step to implement and grow long-term
  • You will have a personalized roadmap based on where YOU are in your business, and have personalized support. You will not be following a canned program, you will be able to focus on exactly what your business needs. 
  • You will be surrounded with people who are serious about taking their business to the next level and are consistently working. This is important because it’s exhausting to just be hanging out with your team members and leadership is lonely.
  • If you get stuck, we likely have developed training, templates, and outlines that will help. From out-of-the-box networking strategies to email marketing, to guidance on how to write a speech for your company’s convention, we’ve got an outline for you to save you time, energy and hassle as you and your business grow!

Are you ready to FINALLY build your business on your terms?

Then it might be time for the Resilient Leader…

Step 1

Fill out your Resilient Leader Roadmap

Use this roadmap to track your wins, lessons, and inspire you to make a plan for the upcoming month. Take the skills/systems assessment and track your progress so you know exactly what to “fix” next to go from having no team or a small team, to expanding your team, to multiplying your influence at the top level.

If you have big goals for your business, the road can be daunting because you know there are “so many things.” This roadmap will act like your tour guide and is exactly how Tasha coaches her 1-on-1 clients to build systems and skills to reach their goals.


Step 2

Use the “Exclusive Resilient Leader Portal” To Immediately fix problems in your business.

Once you fill out your roadmap, you will probably want to move your score up right away! You will not need to wait until it “comes up in the calendar.” Regardless of what your obstacle is, you will be able to click on your roadmap and get the training you need. 

Topics include

  • Communicating mission/vision
  • Gaining agreement
  • Mentoring your builders (and all the outlines based on different scenarios)
  • Customer Facebook groups
  • How to run team meetings
  • How to run “programs”
  • And more!

Step 3

Attend training and coaching calls with Tasha to implement systems, improve skills, learn about your strengths, and get clarity about your plan.

Every smart business owner knows that they need to review their results, make a plan for next month, and focus on key projects to get you there!

But sometimes we get stuck, fuzzy, or want to take our ideas to the next level. 

Resilient Leaders focus on reviewing, planning, and upgrading their systems. Tasha will teach exactly how to find holes in your systems and improve them quickly.

Each month we will have 2 calls focusing on the monthly topic and implementation of that topic so that you can quickly move into action. Previous themes have included topics like “Strengths-Based Selling” and “Effective Business Collaborations.” Tasha is great at making sure each member, regardless of rank, is able to learn, grow, and implement in their business after these training calls.

– What Are The Monthly Themes?

This coaching program focuses on upgrading your systems (to make you more effective WHILE becoming more efficient), using your strengths (so you can be authentic and truly shine), and improving your skills. 

By focusing on your systems, strengths, and skills, we know that you will get unstuck quickly, gain momentum in your business, and make progress toward your goals. 

Each month we will work together on a specific theme as a group, while you pursue your individual goals and plan for your business. 

To give you an idea, we will focus on the following themes in the next 6 months:

  • August 2024- Stories That Sell
  • September 2024 – Successful Business Collaborations
  • October 2024 – Upgrade Your Sales Tools
  • November 2024 – Strengths-Based Retention
  • December 2024 – Yearly Calendar
  • January 2025 – Upgrade Your Recruiting Process

What are my options for the Resilient Leader Mastermind?

We believe that ongoing personal and professional development from a trusted source that has your back is critical. There are 2 amazing options to choose from, both including personal support from an Emerge coach. 

* It is recommend that you have completed Customer First Sales Mastermind or Your Direct Sales Foundation before enrolling in Resilient Leader, or you have established basic sales skills on your own. We are happy to chat with you to confirm this is the best next step for you in your development. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does this group start?

Enrollment is only open the last week of the month to allow for proper new client onboarding. 

Is this a course?

This is a group coaching experience. Each month you will engage in reflection, planning, and learning. You will create a personalized roadmap to success with our guidance. You will also have an assigned Emerge coach to keep you accountable. If you need to fix one area of your business, you don’t have to wait until the topic comes up. You will have access to “All The Emerge” in your portal to be able to move quickly through your challenges. 

How do I know which option is the right option for me?

The All-Access option is a good fit for members who

  • Actively rank advancing and working toward (or already earning) FT income
  • In action looking for systems to fix problems or prepare for growth
  • Have implemented in other programs or have proven they can implement based on results
  • Working 20+ hours per week
  • Can do most of the things on the level 1 assessment (might feel scattered or not have outlines but they can get some results)

The Community option is good for members who

  • Committed to making this into a viable business
  • Not much upline support (in a way that works for them)
  • Have completed outlines in CFMM
  • Want accountability, support, and community
  • They are not interested in figuring it out on their own
  • Want to put systems in their business
  • Want skill development
  • Don’t want to be anonymous and hide in a large group
  • No minimum “hours working” requirement- go at your own pace in your business
  • Previous All-Access members who have solved core issues and aren’t in need of so much of a “hands-on” approach

*If you are interested in All-Access, you must meet with us to confirm that you are going at the same pace as other mastermind members. If you aren’t sure, go ahead and ask to set up a call and we will guide you with the option that will be best. 


Who will be my coach?

Tasha runs Monthly Kickoff calls and implementation calls for the month’s theme. Tasha provides personal support for “All-Access” members and Karen Hammond provides personal support for “Community” members. Tasha and Karen have a combined 40+ years of experience in sales leadership, and both have “individualization” as their #3 talent. you are in good hands. 

When are the live calls?

Coaching calls are on the second and last Tuesday of each month, from 10:30-11:30 am Pacific.

Clarity calls for All-Access members are typically Mondays, from 9-10 am Pacific. 


What if I can't come live?

If you can’t make it live, we will miss you for sure.

Please know that the recordings will be available within 24 hours.

You will be able to ask questions in the Facebook group and still have personalized attention from your Emerge coach. 

We really wish we could find times that work for everyone, especially you. We also know that you are motivated enough to work through the material, update us on how you are doing, and we are going to make it as easy as possible to stay accountable and connected.

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