Why The Resilient Leader?

We created this coaching program because leaders are pouring into others but who is pouring into them?  The Resilient Leader is a place for leaders to come for accountability, support, clarity, and strategies for growth.

Network marketers turn to The Resilient Leader when…

  • They want to run their business in alignment with their strengths and are done with compare and despair
  • They are done with throwing spaghetti on the wall trying new things, and are tired of trying to figure it all out on their own
  • They want personalized feedback while part of a motivated community
  • They are serious about their network marketing business and want to do it in a smart way, that is efficient and authentic
  • They have completed their core outlines from Customer First Sales Mastermind and are excited to take their skills to the next levels

What makes The Resilient Leader different than other Emerge courses is…

  • This is a group coaching program with Emerge Founder, Tasha Smith, that is dedicated to one thing: helping you overcome obstacles and move into intentional action
  • Tasha is not going to create more content for you to learn (you have enough of this) BUT she WILL help you plan for success and execute. She will find simple solutions to your problems, help you be accountable to yourself, and navigate through challenges that arise

Are you ready to FINALLY build your business on your terms?

Then it might be time for the Resilient Leader…

What are my options for the Resilient Leader Mastermind?

We believe that ongoing personal and professional development from a trusted source that has your back is critical. So we created different access options so we could include as many people as possible! 

* It is recommend that you have completed Customer First Sales Mastermind before enrolling in Resilient Leader. If you would like to bypass this recommendation, please contact us to chat. 🙂 

What other network marketing leaders are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When does this group start?

Answer: Please contact us at team@emergesalestraining.com to see when the next entry point is.

Question: Is this a course?

Answer: No, this is a group coaching experience that will be focused on ACTION!  We know that you know the skills you need to be successful.  Now, it’s all about implementation.  This group will help you with that.

Question: Who is the coach and will I like him/her?

Answer:  Tasha’s superpower is to give you tools so you can do things you never thought were possible. She will help you lean into your strengths and see your unique superpower. As one Resilient Leader said, “Tasha has such a gift for cutting through the clutter and finding the clarity.”

Question: What is the structure of this group coaching?

Answer: You will attend monthly training to learn what to fix in your business, what to do more of, and what to do less of. Based on your access option, you will work with Tasha and other mastermind members to improve your skills, stay aligned with your strengths, and reach your goals.