The Resilient Leader

Why The Resilient Leader?

Starting/building a budding business can be very overwhelming. Analysis paralysis makes people stuck. There are so many ideas and knowledge and people don’t know where to start.

Our clients turn to The Resilient Leader when…

  • They want to be a part of a thriving, like minded community of Emerge superstars
  • They are motivated to reach their next goal
  • They do not need to “learn more.”  They need to get into action and be encouraged

What makes The Resilient Leader different than other Emerge courses is…


  • This is a group coaching program with Emerge Founder, Tasha Smith, that is dedicated to one thing: helping you get into action
  • Tasha is not going to create more content or strategy for you (you have enough of this) BUT WILL help you plan for success and execute. She will find simple solutions to your problems, help you be accountable to yourself, and are dependable.
  • If this option sounds like the right fit for you, we will set up a call with you to ensure this is the best next step. Simply click the button below to email us and say “Resilient Leader Chat” in the subject line.

Joining The Resilient Leader gives you ACCESS to all of the Emerge online courses & the option to audit any masterminds during your time as a Resilient Leader. The focus will be on achieving all your business goals by way of group coaching designed to minimize overwhelm and move you into ACTION!

Who is this coaching program for?

– This is for you if you are committed to earning a significant income in your network marketing business and you are ready to work

– This is for you if you love Emerge and Tasha’s coaching style

– This is for you if you have the skills, but now you need accountability and community so that you put those skills into ACTION!

– This is for you if you want to invite your team and friends to grow together

Who is this coaching program NOT for?

– This is not for you if you like to come to meetings but not do any actual work

– This is not for you if you are a high level network marketing leader that is already action oriented

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When does this group start?

Answer: Live calls are every other Friday from 10:30am – 11:30am Pacific, barring major US holidays.  Please contact us at to see when the next entry point is.

Question: Is this a course?

Answer: No, this is a group coaching experience that will be focused on ACTION!  We know that you know the skills you need to be successful.  Now, it’s all about implementation.  This group will help you with that.

Question: Who is the coach and will I like him/her?

Answer:  Tasha’s superpowers are to serve as role-modesl of love in action. She will find simple solutions to your problems, help you be accountable to yourself, and are dependable.

Question: What is the structure of this group coaching?

Answer: You will also attend 2x per month group coaching to get help with your goals, or troubleshoot your plans. Be encouraged by the wins of others, and learn from their wins and lessons. Submit your goals and action plan to your coach and get feedback when appropriate. You will also have a quarterly one on one coaching session for strategic planning.

Question: How much is it?

Answer: There are 2 subscription based payment options – Monthly payments of $500 or One Time Payment of $2700 (10 percent discount for paying in full).(*Please note this is not eligible for coupons).  This will give you access to this coaching group for 6 months.

Question: Is this group going to be amazing with a side of awesome-sauce?

Answer: Yes.

$500/mo (6 month commitment)or $2700 for 6 months

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