How do you choose your avatar rather than trying to reach the masses?

  • If you are using a personal page, the target market is someone who sort of knows you. 
  • Avatars are used in the traditional online business world because of marketing and advertising. It’s not likely you will need this when you start your social media journey.
  • If you choose to create a Facebook group or Instagram page to attract avatars, use simple demographic information that creates something in common with them. We did this by shifting from network marketers to Christian network marketers to carve out a niche.
  • Since you are networking, and looking for people who have never used your product before, you can’t choose a group that is “interested in your product.” They are likely already enrolled. So I recommend just choosing a few interests you have and discuss them there. 

How to effectively utilize my biz page. Or should I just focus on my prospecting & customer groups?

  • Don’t use a business page unless you are prepared to advertise. 
  • Focus on the personal page first. Combine your prospecting and customer groups and create a ton of engagement and social proof.

Example reach out for people that like your posts but don’t comment. (Relationship building)

And reminders on how to serve our community that comments on social media.

  • Hi, it was great to see your name pop up. How have you been? I see you have been _________. (compliment)
  • Think “Helpful Honda dealer”- add value in areas of life other than your business- things you have found to be helpful for you and your family. Recipes, resources for kids, sale on towels, a good book or magazine, an invitation to something you are doing that *gasp* isn’t’ about your business.
  • Inclusivity and value adding is a way of life, and your business is an extension of that. Our life is more full when we include people and look for ways to serve that don’t always serve us

My question is it possible to learn how to – do posts that make people reach out to me because they want what I have.

I really don’t like feeling like I am stalking people mainly because it feels phoney and needy🤓

  • This is a networking business, not e-commerce. 
  • Long-form story posts help. But ultimately my experience is that there will be a bunch of, “hey, how are you?” Social media will require you to be social. Invite to events versus chase people to sell.
  • Take a step back, detach from the concept of “i’m only because I need to sell stuff” and switch that to “I’m only here to be helpful and encouraging.” That will change how you feel about connecting with people, and open your eyes to opportunities to be helpful, inside and outside of your business. Then you won’t feel needy or phoney, because you don’t be.
  • If you feel desperate on social media, add another networking avenue. Join a networking group (they are online and in-person depending on region), or a farmer’s market. 

Curious about your thoughts on personal Facebook profile … I’ve started doing lives about (company) lifestyle products once a wk and then from there … If people comment … chat with them in Facebook messenger and invite to a fb workshop or zoom class. It does seem to be working a bit. Curious on your thoughts on that …and how much content on profile should be non-product …

  • Personal profile is definitely where I recommend to start to strengthen your network. 
  • I think the lives are good and if they are working even better! If it were me, I’d invite them to a personal 1-on-1 because your conversion will be so much higher. Then zoom or FB workshop as option B. 
  • Your content on your profile should be social, and about you, not your business. Your business is relevant as far as if it’s what you are doing. Are you having an event and you want to invite your friends- go for it! Did you have a cool story and you want to share it with your friends, go for it!
  • Your intention will guide you. Don’t ask, “how much can I post about my business?” Instead ask, “will this story, tip, whatever be helpful to my network?” That will ensure the post lands better. 
  • Reminder- you aren’t in ecommerce.

I hope this was helpful!

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