We just wrapped up the first “quarter” of the year which is a good time to reflect. Each quarter we set aside time so that we can reflect and choose our areas of focus for the next 90 days. 

Today I’m going to go share the 5 questions we use and you can also ask yourself so that you can rock the next 90 days

What did you accomplish? What lessons did you learn?

  • This is important because we have a tendency to forget things we should remember, and remember things we should forget.
  • I personally am ALWAYS looking at how far away I am from where I want to be. I’m like the singer in the Greatest Showman, who sings “Never Enough.” 
  • But every quarter it’s really fun to write down all the things we DID accomplish or figure out. 
  • Whatever we focus on, we replicate. Don’t skip this step.
  • Include your income, your new skills, your new customers, your success stories.

What are you done with?

  • This isn’t about what you have completed, this is a question about what things you are no longer willing to allow in your business.
  • There is only one emotion stronger than fear, and that’s anger. 
  • For me, I’m actually pretty skittish about the spotlight. I’d rather blend in wearing my gray hoodie and let someone else take center stage. But all the “slippery-ness” has only resulted in more ups and downs than I want in my life. 
  • But it didn’t change until a while ago when I got so angry that the fear no longer drove me. I was DONE with volatility in my business. I was DONE not spending my whole day coaching people. I was DONE. So then I was willing to overcome any fears I had about being judged and do the things.
  • Look at your life and business and ask yourself, what are you done with?

What do you want more of?

  • As much as we are driven to avoid pain, we also need to move toward the good things in life. 
  • This question is important because there are things we experienced this past quarter that we need to recognize we want more of. What’s great about this question is that we already know how to get “some” of these things. It encourages us to do more of what’s working.

If you could figure out 1 thing this next 90 days, what would it be?

  • “Grow the business” is really vague and when we don’t have priorities then it’s harder to see our accomplishments
  • The answer to this question is the guiding light. If we can figure out 1 thing every quarter, we figure out 4 things in a year. If we are committed to our businesses for 5 years, we will “solve” 20 things in 5 years, instead of stringing together a bunch of tactics.
  • This kind of focus is what makes an entrepreneur successful in 2021. Too much information can actually be detrimental to our productivity.
  • Yes, there are different areas of your business- networking, closing, retention, recruiting, leadership, etc. 
  • But if you picked just 1 that would make the biggest difference, you will see your check move the most and will feel amazing at next quarter’s review.

If this resonates with you and you would like our help with accountability, strategy, and implementation then we invite you to schedule a time to chat with my business partner Karen to explore what masterminds or coaching would be a good fit for you at emergesalestraining.com/chat.