Twenty four hours of training condensed down into the 10 best takeaways…. I really believe that at least one of these nuggets I wrote down from the 2020 Go Pro Event (the biggest network marketing conference of the year) will give you encouragement and an advantage in your business. Enjoy and let me know which one was most impactful to you!

  1. claude mckay biography essay jerome mandel essays online levitra sunbury quand utiliser cialis source link thesis on niosomes deaf people essay click enter site cch ung viagra how to write essay sample quanto costa il viagra in brasile generic viagra from united states can i take lasix and hydrochlorothiazide together viagra femenina funciona argumentative thesis about obesity list of price for 100mg viagra best essay for student visa essay personality socialization 10 fun facts about essay patrick henry speech to the virginia convention worksheet answers womens viagra how does it work  It takes courage to knock on the door, but it takes more courage to walk through the door. Emily Vavra All I ever hear about is the importance of knocking on the door. Then the idea is that the door will open. And that’s the end of the story right? But we still have a choice right there. We can stare at the open door. We can think that is the end of our part. But the open door is simply an invitation to walk inside. And that unknown can be even scarier than knocking on the door. This stood out to me because I have some bold moves planned for my 2021 marketing strategy. I can very much relate to being the person knocking but not walking through the doorway.
  1.  Connections come before commission- don’t be a Spamela Anderson. Frazer Brookes This just made me laugh so hard. Spamela Anderson. I’m still laughing.  In my own social media coaching I get so many questions about how I make sales from social media. There is a process, and for those that don’t follow it, they will ruin their reputation. First comes connections. A certain amount of those connections will become conversations. A certain amount of those conversations will turn into invitations. A certain number of those invitations will have a 1-on-1 with you, or attend an event. And a certain number of those will become sales. Asking how do I get sales is not exactly the right question. 
  1.  Your job as an entrepreneur is to be known. Eric Worre This is truth. I have spent the last 4 years dodging the spotlight. I honestly don’t love the attention and it feels like a lot of pressure to me. Many of our clients talk about “but I’m a private person.”  But Eric is right, a secret business doesn’t serve anyone. Imagine if no one knows about the awesome pizza place up the road. The pizza places JOB is to make itself known so people can eat the amazing pizza. Same for us.  We don’t have to spill the depths of our soul, but the more people we know the more people we can impact. If they don’t know us, and we don’t know them, then what’s the point?
  1.  Ninety-five percent of people are underdogs- no matter how good we think we are we can be better. Sylvester Stallone I had just written the promotional content for the Underdog Special and this was so affirming. I loved his definition of an underdog. Someone who knows they can be better.  The 5% weren’t people who considered themselves champions or top dogs. Sylvestor asserted that the other 5% don’t want more for themselves. So there you have it- the underdog icon of our culture saying there are only 2 types of people: those who want to be better and those that don’t. 
  1.  I wasn’t sure if I was being buried or planted. Matt Rosa Matt is a network marketing leader who had really tough circumstances growing up. A lot of times when it’s dark, it feels like we are being buried. I have certainly felt this way a lot of times in my business. But the experience could very much be that we are being planted and we will grow next. P!nk references this in her song Courage, “I bury my heart here in this dirt, I hope it’s a seed, I hope it works. I need to grow, here I could be. Closer to light, closer to me.” I can choose to interpret the darkness as being planted. That feels a whole lot more hopeful to me.
  1. Imagine if you got everything you want because you chose commitment over convenience. Bari Baumgardner The things we want we might not be able to get today, or tomorrow. After doing a vision board training, and getting ready for the yearly goal setting exercise with clients it just confirmed to me that commitment is so critical to making the choices that will benefit us in the long run. 
  1. They will never be enrolled in you, if you aren’t enrolled in you. Everyone wants to enroll their tribe first but haven’t gone through the steps of enrolling themselves. Bari Baumgardner Bari went through the process of “enrollment” in your business. First we need to enroll ourselves. Then our family. Then our inner circle. Then our teams. Then our tribes. We can’t shortcut this process. Our family won’t commit if we aren’t committed. Our tribe certainly won’t commit if the other groups are missing. What’s really nice about this is that the difficulty increases over time. We don’t need to start with the tribe. Once we master ourselves, gaining the commitment of our family is a lot easier. And so on.
  1. People buy from you when they feel understood, not when they understand you. Dean Graziosi Dean is one of the best marketers in the country. And we always think we need to get better at persuading people to believe us. This truth about sales, it’s about communicating that we “get them” instead of throwing a tantrum that they don’t “get us.” We are wise to listen and use the customer’s words and not our own.
  1. Change your “to do list” to a “done” list. Pete Vargas We have a tendency to remember what we should forget, and forget what we should remember. I’m guilty of adding more and more to my to do list and getting overwhelmed. I personally don’t have an issue getting things done so my takeaway probably wasn’t his point. For me, this stood out because I would feel so much better if I took a minute to acknowledge the things that were on my “done” list before adding more and more to the “to do” list.
  1. If you aren’t facing resistance on a daily basis you probably aren’t doing anything worthwhile. Jimmy Nelson YOU DON’T KNOW ME JIMMY NELSON!!! After screaming at my computer I paused and smiled. Resistance doesn’t mean stop. Resistance means we are on the right track to making a big impact. Let’s keep moving friends. It’s worth it.

I would love to hear which one resonate with you most! I hope this was helpful :). Tasha

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