Step 1: Your Direct Sales (and Recruiting) Foundation

Your Direct Sales (and Recruiting) Foundation

We can teach you how to sell (without feeling high pressure or losing all your friends) in just 8 weeks!

Do you like going to your kid’s soccer game and spending the entire time talking about oils?  Or would you rather be watching the game?

The difference between the average rep and those who become highly successful?  It’s simple. Strong, consistent selling.

Selling the appointment.

Selling the product.

Selling kits.

Selling the opportunity to join your team.

Then constantly selling your team members on the fact that they, too, need to sell.

. . . and you don’t have to do it at your kid’s game to be successful!

Upcoming Groups

This is for you if:  

  • You want your calendar to be booked full of appointments with people who are as interested in your product as you are
  • You want a low pressure, high results sales system that actually works
  • You want your potential customers to be completely engaged in your conversation and for it to feel natural

Step 2: Your Leadership Foundation

Your Leadership Foundation

THIS IS HOW YOUR TEAM WILL FEEL WHEN YOU BECOME A STRONGER LEADER:  They no longer feel the pressure to watch and learn or lean on you in order to make sales for them.  Instead they feel empowered and gain confidence in their ability to sell each and every day.  That growing confidence wakes their inspiration, and drive, allowing them to help more people and make a greater impact.

THIS IS HOW YOUR TEAM WILL FEEL WHEN YOU BECOME A STRONGER LEADER:  They see their time with you as constructive and self-improving; relieving you from your duty as a therapist. Because you’ve learned how to listen to their frustrations and turn it into something constructive they look forward to coming into your discussions with possible solutions to explore.

THIS IS HOW YOUR TEAM WILL FEEL WHEN YOU BECOME A STRONGER LEADER:  Your team is motivated, encouraged, and ready to take on the world.  They no longer see you as a motivational speaker – instead your powerful leadership has driven them to find their own motivating factors which means that they wake up every morning excited and ready to sell!
Well… after their morning coffee of course.

Upcoming Groups

This is for you if:  

  • You’ve already completed Your Direct Sales (and Recruiting) Foundation
  • You want to lead your team from a vision – not just to pad your bank balance
  • You’re craving a job description for what you should be doing as a leader!

Step 3: Advanced Recruiting and Mentorship Program

Advanced Recruiting and Mentorship Program

The Five Real Reasons You and Your Team Are Not Recruiting:

  1.  You/They do not feel worthy of leading a team
  2.  You/They aren’t even trying
  3.  You/They aren’t sure you/they want to be a leader
  4. Your/Their recruiting conversation is unclear and confusing
  5. You/They don’t know what to do if somebody says, “yes!” to the opportunity

THIS 13 WEEK GROUP COACHING PROGRAM, LED BY TASHA SMITH, WILL FOCUS ON THESE 5 CHALLENGES: There will be a week for Orientation, 2 weeks per bottleneck (1 do dive into it for YOU and the other week to teach you how to coach YOUR TEAM through the challenges), and a wrap-up week.


  • How to inspire others to join your mission so that you can create an army of people get your product into every home
  • Clear communication with team so that your team takes action
  • Creating buy-in so that your team is working as hard as you are
  • Goal setting and achieving so that you and your team have clear vision and action steps
  • Coaching so that you know how to help your team members reach their recruiting goals
  • Recruiting & launching (obviously) so that you can help ALL the people with your product

Upcoming Groups

This is for you if:   

  • You’ve already completed Your Leadership Foundation
  • You don’t want to have followers, but rather, you want to CREATE LEADERS
  • You want to create a recruiting culture so that you can help ALL the people and get your product in EVERY home.

Step 4: Private Coaching

Private Coaching with Emerge Coaches!

There are 3 ways to up level your business with private coaching with Emerge

  1. Group Coaching with the Focused Leaders
  2. Private Small Group Coaching (4-8 people)
  3. 1-on-1 Coaching

This is where the magic happens.  If you ever feel like you are constantly pouring into others, but need someone to pour into you, one of these options is for YOU.  We can’t wait to work with you.  Click the button below to get more information on your options and to submit an application so that we can find the perfect fit for you.

$ Varies

This is for you if:

  • You are a committed network marketer
  • You are a high achiever and is working full-time or close to full-time in your business.
  • Self-development and speed are important to you.  You are willing to get uncomfortable and make some serious changes in your business.
  • You consider yourself a strong leader who wants to be led and partner with someone who can bring in a different perspective.

Extra Bonus Content

How to Help Your Team Hit Their Post Convention Goals - $67

Image result for Teach me + meme
Don’t let the overwhelm of yearly planning or planning to hit your team goals after convention get to you! Be prepared by taking this 3 1/2 intensive workshop!        LIVE 9.29.18

Vendor Event Training - $12

This On-Demand workshop is for you if you want to walk away from your vendor booth events with sales and appointments rather than a stack of raffle tickets.  This workshop is known as, “the best $12 you will ever spend.”

How to Profit $200 On Customer Events - $27

This 2 hour on-demand workshop is for you if you love having events that serve your current customer base, BUT you don’t want to keep losing money by having them!  Learn how to profit from these types of events!

The Questions Course - $27

It’s not what you tell people, it’s what you ask them.  This course is for you if you want to know what questions to ask your customers to build value in your product and help them move forward with their buying decisions.

2019 Emerge Planner - $65!

That’s right!  The 2019 Emerge Planner is here! This planner pretty much acts as 1-on-1 coaching with Tasha replacement.  Click on the button to learn more!

How to sell Natural Solutions Kits, Lifelong Vitality, and at Bigger Classes - $59

This bonus package is for you if you are a doTERRA Wellness advocate, you are enrolled in Your Direct Sales Foundation,  and you want to skill up and learn how to sell bigger kits, close at classes, and sell LLV like a boss.
You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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