I know, I know, mindset is everything.

Without a growth mindset, you aren’t able to even engage in learning new skills. 

Without a gritty mindset, you aren’t able to deal with setbacks. 

If we look at things as a victim, or we believe things that aren’t true about the situation, we are hijacked from the beginning.

Sometimes mindset focus leads to a breakthrough, and other times, it leads to nothing. 

Recently my client was stuck in inaction with her online networking strategy. She messaged me saying, “I know I just need to focus on my mindset.” 

I’m going to share with you what I shared with her. It led to 2 networking appointments, 2 appointments with hostesses and booking 3 vendor events in two weeks (and she was on vacation during one of those weeks!)…

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits shared a thought with his email list that made me stop in my tracks, and I want to share it with you.

Where to focus:

For the beginner, execution.

For the intermediate, strategy.

For the expert, mindset.”

So simple, so true.

Beginners that focus on mindset, don’t get as much traction. Most influencers preach to focus on mindset… this is because they are often experts in their field. For experts, mindset makes the biggest difference!

Experts who feel like they “just need to do the things” spin in circles. This is because without the mindset shift as to WHY they are doing the things they aren’t connecting it to their bigger purpose. The simple actions that worked so well in the beginning, seem so different without this connection. 

And for our friends in the middle, they are just spinning in circles. “Doing the things” isn’t getting them from here to there. And mindset isn’t quite doing it either.

It’s our friends in the middle that suffer because who on earth is going to help them with strategy? 

Helping a beginner with a to do list and advising, “now go do that” is pretty simple. Helping an expert with a few simple questions to shift their mindset is also actually pretty simple. But someone who will take the time to build a strategy- that’s harder.

So what now? First, look at the major area of your business- networking, sales, retention, recruiting, leadership.

Are you a beginner, intermediate, expert in each area? 

Once you figure out where you are on your mastery, you can choose where to focus.

Are you a beginner with networking? Go say hi to people! Are you an expert in recruiting but stuck? Look at mindset. 

If you are intermediate… reach out. I’m a professional strategist.

When you are ready there are a few ways to work with us:

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