One of the best ways to influence people is to have something in common. So is your super high commitment to your business hurting you?

Let’s see if this scenario sounds familiar. A network marketer (or any entrepreneur) gets serious about their business. They get so serious that they put blinders on to all other areas of their life- no Netflix, no hobbies, no “leisure,” etc. They spend time with their core family and business all day, then repeat.

More hustle = more money right?

WRONG! It’s network marketing! To be successful one must meet new people!

Let’s look at a few influence principles to further my point that it’s time to work a little less…

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The problem is you can’t use this principle if you are only talking to your immediate family or people in your business. If you ask your upline for advice you may get influence with them, but you can’t enroll them. Oops.

Now let’s say you DO meet someone. Score! The next problem is that you can’t find anything in common because the only things you love are your family, your products and your business. You have become “that person” even though you never intended that to be the case. Oops.

This leads to influence principle #2: People strike more deals with people that they have something in common with. By going “all in” on your business, now it’s become so much harder to have something in common with “new people.” Oops. 

If you want to work more and spend more time meeting with new people for sales or recruiting conversations, you can’t do that until you gain influence with new people.

So it’s time to start having fun. It’s time to get a life. 

Write down all the things you would love to do if you didn’t have people to take care of, or work to do. Start doing them!

Let me give you an example if I were in network marketing. I recently borrowed my cousin’s guitar, needing something to do with Zoey. I just found a Facebook group- Amateur Guitar Player’s Group. There are 7.6K members. So now what? 

Let’s say I’m super pumped about learning the guitar. I can now ask for advice. I will end up commenting on posts I’m genuinely interested in. I can start making friends that also play guitar.

This is not not a veiled attempt to “get someone to buy something” it’s an extension of me actually pursuing my interests. 

As I spend time having fun AND chatting with my new friends it makes it really easy to use my “offline” skills of inviting them to 1-on-1s or events they might have interest in. 

So yeah… work a little less to work more. Enjoy. 🙂 If you want to continue the conversation make sure to join the Emerge Surge coaching group so you can come to “How Social Media Networking Creates Appointments” on Tuesday January 12th at 4:00 pm Pacific. Join for your first 2 weeks for free, and only $47/month after that JOIN HERE


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