Do you want to empower others to follow their passion and their dreams?

Good leaders inspire greatness in others and ensure their impact lasts in their absence.

Good leaders don’t

Have all the answers or do all the talking… Breathe a sigh of relief to that one!

Good leaders don’t

Assume that if their downline doesn’t have success it’s because they just don’t want it badly enough.

Good leaders don’t

Lead with only their growth goals in mind. 

Customers First

Team Second

Ourselves Third

In Your Direct Sales Foundation we practiced the art of putting your customer first in order to become a stellar sales person.   So who do we put first in order to become an unstoppable leader?  Your team members, of course! Think about the last time you left a coaching conversation that didn’t feel so good. Chances are you didn’t feel heard, you didn’t feel it was a constructive conversation, and you may have even felt put down when they told you that you were just making excuses or didn’t want it badly enough. Not so inspiring, right? Even if you were making excuses, shining a bright light on it can make a team member feel awkward and embarrassed – not expansive and open to growth. You can do better.

Here is how your team will change when you strengthen 

your leadership skills

THIS IS HOW YOUR TEAM WILL FEEL WHEN YOU BECOME A STRONGER LEADER:  They no longer feel the pressure to watch and learn or lean on you in order to make sales for them.  Instead they feel empowered and gain confidence in their ability to sell each and every day.  That growing confidence wakes their inspiration and drive allowing them to help more people and make a greater impact.
THIS IS HOW YOUR TEAM WILL FEEL WHEN YOU BECOME A STRONGER LEADER:  They see their time with you as constructive and self-improving; relieving you from your duty as a therapist.  Because you’ve learned how to listen to their frustrations and turn it into something constructive they look forward to coming into your discussions with possible solutions to explore.  
THIS IS HOW YOUR TEAM WILL FEEL WHEN YOU BECOME A STRONGER LEADER:  Your team is motivated, encouraged, and ready to take on the world.  They no longer see you as a motivational speaker – instead your powerful leadership has driven them to find their own motivating factors which means that they wake up every morning excited and ready to sell!  Well… after their morning coffee of course. How will this become your team’s reality? Let us introduce you to our high performance, low pressure, feel-good leadership system…

Are you ready for better leadership, a happier team, and a stronger downline…

How is this different from all of the other leadership trainings out there?

Well to start, Your Leadership Foundation was created with your team members in mind.  We understand that not everyone on your team is at the same level.  You have newbies, beginners, intermediates and advanced team members.  If you coach someone who is advanced the same way you coach a beginner, they will disengage.  Coach a newbie at an advanced level and they’ll become overwhelmed and exhausted. Karen (our resident leadership expert) was brought in to co-create this course because she is a leader with consistent results.  She’s compassionate, motivating, and inspiring (so much so that our founder Tasha basically stalked her until she agreed to spill her secrets!) Your Leadership Foundation is all about meeting your team where they are.  Just like we customize the sales experience for your customer, we assemble our leadership skills to suit the individual team member we’re interacting with. It’s because of this that our leadership system feels so comfortable and empowering to both you and to your team.  This program is designed to help you build your leadership skills from a vision and a why – not just from a sales goal.  

Are you in?  

Here’s how to get started:

Here’s what other Your Leadership Foundation students have to say…

“I love this training! I can’t wait to learn more! I want to start helping my team set their own goals and set action items on a consistent basis.”
Laurel Schumaker

“My biggest takeaway is that i struggle a lot with dangerous thoughts that absolutely affect the way I lead my team! I’m glad that through reframing my thoughts, I am intentionally choosing to see it from a different, more positive angle!”


“I so appreciated Karen helping me reverse my feelings about past failures to a positive statement that reminds me that those experiences have been an important part of my learning and that I can use them to build future success.”


“I loved having Karen help me with my vision statement! I also loved hearing that I don’t need to have my hands in everyone’s cookie jar. I tend to be the type that thinks I need to do it all myself and that has played a huge role in the stagnation of my team. I am excited to STOP trying to motivate them and just focus on training them and coaching them. It makes things SO much simpler!! :)”
Tara Kinser

Oh my gosh, yeah! I’m loving this! I feel like after 3 plus years, I finally have a job description for what I’m supposed to be doing.”
Melissa Miller

“Something that really stuck with me is Reframing.  My past has been an important part of my learning process that has brought me to this point.  I have been embarrassed of the speed this next step has taken me, and that is not ok.  Owning it, and having my process be a strength is where I want to be.”


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