As a member of our Emerge Surge coaching group, you will receive access to online training that will help you gain momentum in your business, templates to help you create ease and duplication, and the opportunity to attend weekly live coaching calls with Tasha 😍...need we say more?

 Here is a sneak peek at the live Coaching Calls coming up(if you missed any no worries- as a member you will have access to the recording):

  • Tuesday, November 2nd, 8:30 am PT: Holiday Selling Survival Guide
  • Tuesday, November 9th, 4:00 pm PT: Vendor Events to Reach Your New Contact Goals
  • Tuesday, November 16th, 8:30 am PT: Better Business Conversations to Attract New Builders
  • Tuesday, November 23rd, 4:00 pm PT: Google Calendar Like a Boss-Get Organized!

Right now you're likely feeling one of two ways. Either you are excited about growing your network marketing business...😍

Or you're feeling overwhelmed and not completely confident that you can reach your goals...😳

 No matter which way you're feeling, I urge you to slow down and begin with a plan.

 Every successful business has a plan.

 And, even if you're motivated and taking action, it's likely you could be getting better results with less effort. 🤔

 It's a common misconception that if we just take action we can reach our goals.

 Many times we end up exhausted and spinning our wheels wondering why we aren't making the progress we desire.

 Maybe you are: consistently doing outreach but hearing crickets, teaching classes but no one is buying, posting but not getting engagements, conducting mentor calls but not creating action, having team meetings but no one is coming... or maybe you are in a state of overwhelm and you just don't know where to start. 😩

 Most network marketers don't know that there is a simpler way. A way of putting your customer first, having clear steps to take that create results, and loving the journey.

 Can you imagine feeling successful, accomplished, and excited about your business every day?

At Emerge Sales Training, we have worked with thousands of network marketers who all have unique challenges. The common thread is that we can create results through taking the right action... so you can FEEL the way you want to feel about your business AND get the results you desire.

It all begins with joining The Emerge Surge Coaching Program... 💥 

And because we want you to feel 100% comfortable, we are offering you 14 days absolutely free... so you can see for yourself if this is a good fit. You pay nothing today and if you can cancel at anytime. If you decide to stay, you will pay just $47 a month thereafter (*this will charge automatically on day 15 unless you cancel).

What Do I Get As an Emerge Surge Member?

You will receive access to online training that will help you gain momentum in your business, templates to help you create ease and duplication, and the opportunity to attend weekly live coaching calls with Tasha 💁🏾...need we say more?

Access to Online Training

Once you join for free, you will have immediate access to go-at-your- own pace online trainings. They will help you master your personal productivity, invite without being awkward, enroll without being salesy, retain customers because they see the value in your amazing products, increase engagement and build relationships through social media (trust me we know you are tired of only having your mom like your posts!), lead your team to take action so you aren't stuck doing all of the work and much more. 

Weekly Live Coaching Calls 

We believe that every business owner needs to have a strong support system.  If you have felt alone and overwhelmed then attend live calls with Tasha to receive support and clarity.  Tasha's one on coaching clients pay thousands of dollars for her expertise, and we are giving you access for FREE. Have we lost our minds? You bet! So join us while it lasts.

Exclusive Facebook Group

We know that as you take action in your business, questions will arise.  For this reason, we are giving you access to ask questions inside of our members only group.  Staying stuck isn't an option when you are part of our amazing community.  Tasha and her business partner, Karen will answer your questions and you can access insight & best practices from other people who are doing the same thing you are. 

What Emerge Clients Are Saying...

MarShondra Lawrence

“Prior to Emerge, I was so frustrated in my business I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue.  I was averaging 1-2 enrollments per month and around $100 dollars.  I was hesitant to join Emerge because it seemed like “just another thing”.  Honestly, we had been introduced to so many different ways of doing things I wasn’t sure one more thing would do anything other than confuse me.  After taking 3 of the 4 courses offered inside of the Emerge Surge, I increased my enrollments to 10-12 per month and more than quadrupled my income.  So just DO IT if you are on the fence.  You will LOVE the live coaching and the online courses.”

Holly Agnew

“Pre Emerge my business was a mess.  I had no support from my upline and no clear direction.  I had 3-4 enrollments per month and was just making a few hundred dollars.  I wasn’t sure what to say when I reached out to potential customers and was worried about irritating them.  I loved helping people and knew my products were life-changing, I just couldn’t figure out how to get momentum.  After taking 3 of the courses offered inside of the Emerge Surge I finally had the tools I needed to be successful.  I am so happy to say I am now consistently doing 7-10 enrollments monthly and last month I had 13! If you are on the fence about doing the Emerge Surge, you need to do it for yourself and your business.  I am proof!”

Bailey King

“Using Emerge has given me and my team members a solid foundation of sales skills that have allowed me to grow a team of people making a difference in the world. This has given me a purpose and focus I had never imagined possible.”

Hi! I'm Tasha Smith...

I'm so happy you are here.  You might be wondering who I am! A litte bit about me...

I'm a business coach, speaker, and author. Over the past 4 years, at Emerge Sales training, we have trained and coached over 8000 network marketing clients to create thriving teams and businesses full of confidence, profit AND joy.

My greatest joy is to serve people who need to be able to make sales to take care of their family. I am here to help you create a successful business that you love, even if you have NO experience. 


I live in Southern California and love to eat tacos with my husband Charlie and daughters Zoey and Haley.

Join the Emerge Surge Free Trial Membership today and get access for 14 days FREE.

 If you don't love it (and we know that won't happen)... no problem, simply cancel by day 14.  You spend $0 for 14 days of business changing training.  We know you won't want to cancel when you benefit from the amazing value and see results in your business. When you decide to stay after 14 days (which you will) - you will pay just $47 a month (no minimum commitment.