Need help?  Here are some commonly asked questions. 

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What programs/courses does Emerge offer?

Good Question!  We offer four core programs and/or training:

  1. Your Direct Sales Foundation – Our foundational sales course
  2. Your Leadership Foundation – When you learn how to sell, you then need to learn how to lead
  3. Advanced Recruiting and Mentorship Program – Dig deep in this high level group coaching course and learn how to develop leaders!
  4. Not sure about Emerge yet and just want to check out our free training?  Excellent.

We also offer supplementary products:

  1. Have you completed Your Leadership Foundation and/or Please Recruit Responsibly and want high level workshops with our Emerge Sales Training Owner, Tasha Smith?  We have a Leadership Library (like your own Emerge Netflix) that has all past membership workshops PLUS 2 live workshop per month!
  2. We do have some on demand workshop that were completed and recorded in the past and were very popular.  Check out these and all of our other programs/products on our full course page
What is the difference between the $247 Your Direct Sales Foundation course and the $367 course?

Great Question!  Your Direct Sales Foundation is an online course with 8 weeks worth of online video content, workbooks and outlines.  Because Emerge’s mission is for you to COMPLETE the online course you purchase, we offer Group Coaching to accompany the course in order to have your questions answered and support throughout the course.  That is the difference between the two courses.  Online only, or with group coaching. Visit in order to see the most current group registrations and to see more information about the course.


I have been referred to you by another company leader, and I want to learn more!

We are so happy you are here!  We want to help you make the best next step for you and your team when it comes to moving forward with Emerge Sales Training.  There are two options here:

1. Direct your team to to get registered for the next closing and/or recruiting webinars (FREE)!

2. Email us your contact information at and ask about getting a private webinar set up for your team.  One of our team members will reach out to you to get that all set up.

Where is my course or workshop that I purchased?

Follow these steps and you should be good to go:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on “My Dashboard” on the top menu bar
  3. Here is where you should see ALL courses and workshops that you have signed up for
  4. Find the corresponding course on your dashboard and click on “resume course” (the blue button)
  5. You are now in your course or workshop!!
  6.  Still having issues?  Email us
I purchased group coaching, but life got in the way and I didn't complete it. Can I take it again?

Yes, you can!  We totally get that life happens and you may not have gotten the most of your group coaching experience.  We have a group re-take policy that will allow you to retake group coaching and just half of the price of it’s normal value.  You can go SIGN UP HERE!

See group retake policy here

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