Small Group or Private Coaching

Small Group orPrivate Coaching is for you if…


You are a high achiever and working on your business 15+ hours weekly.


Self-development and speed are important to you.


You are willing to get uncomfortable and gain momentum through consistent action and implementation.


You feel like you pour so much into others, but you sometimes feel frustrated that your team isn't getting results.


You are ready to partner with someone who can bring in a different perspective and help you achieve your goals.

Advanced Group Coaching

The Focused Leader

The focused leader is all about making a plan and moving into ACTION!  You may be overwhelmed because you feel like you need to do ALL THE THINGS.  Cassie Stutzman is our Focused leader coach and will help you focus on your top priorities so that you can reach your income and rank goals.

The Joyful Leader

This group is specifically for network marketers who are at the $2k-$6k/mo income level.  AJ Varney, our Joyful Leader coach, will provide strategies and support in a small group setting. You will be with other like-minded leaders so that you can get the best results. This group meets bi-weekly with an additional 1 on 1  call with Coach AJ to dive deeper into your needs.

The Resilient Leader

This group is designed for network marketers who are at the $6k and above income level. Emerge Founder, Tasha Smith, is our Resilient Leader coach.  Group coaching calls are bi-weekly with additional 1 on 1 accountability calls with an Emerge team member.  If you are ready for to buckle down for serious momentum, this group is for you.

Private 1 on 1 Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

All of our coaches have different superpowers.  One thing they all have in common is that they are committed to your success.  They want YOUR superpowers to shine so that you can create a thriving business!  Submit the application below so that we can pair you with the perfect one on one coach for you.

One-Time 90 Minute 1-on-1 Strategy Session

Do you have a particular plan or strategy that you need some guidance and collaboration on?  A one-time 90 minute strategy session could be the perfect solution.  One of our amazing coaches will reach out to you to set up a 90 minute time slot soon after your purchase.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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