Finally, Network Marketing Training That Suits YOU As An Individual.

Authentically Get More Sales (without being pushy or spammy)

Learn exactly what to say in order to have authentic conversations where people see the value of your amazing products.  So much that they want to buy!

Meet More People

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, prefer online or in-person we have the strategies that will leverage your strengths to build your team faster.

Recruit + Lead Your Team With Confidence

Learn the right words and strategies to attract and work with the best people.  Know what to do and say when starting new people, mentoring, running team meetings, and more…

Would you like to find out how we help network marketers get 5-10 customers and 1-2 builders monthly?  Click the button below and say “chat” and we will connect.

Real Talk + Effective Wording = Your Breakthrough (Without Chaos)

Breakthroughs don’t have to be as chaotic as a sprint.  Our strategies are thoughtful and follow common-sense communication.  You can implement them at your own pace while balancing your team, your family, and yourself.

Our mission is that if you need to sell in order to feed your family, Emerge is here to help you do just that.  I believe Network Marketing products are the best in class and truly help people live a better life.

That said, it breaks my heart that so many Network Marketers are frustrated and floundering because they don’t know how to sell and lead well.

While there are plenty of other Network Marketing resources out there, none have pulled together well-rounded training around all of the moving parts of building a successful Network Marketing team while maintaining your personal values at the same time.

Our training philosophy is that our customer comes first, our team comes second, and our ego comes third.  When we make the sales process enjoyable for our customer, our team thrives as a result (and then our ego feels pretty good, too!).

We have worked with over 9,000 Network Marketers to help them build their business.  We collaborate consistently with 6- and 7-figure earners to put together the best practices and a system that works together so that you can do what you do best – share your amazing products with the world!


Tasha Smith
Founder of Emerge Sales Training and Author of the #1 Bestselling Book Customer First

Are you searching for accountability and clear, simple directions to reach your

goals without creating stress and overwhelm?


Do you feel overwhelmed about what you should be doing each day/week in your business?


Do you feel like you spend a lot of time on your business without the financial pay-off?


Is it hard to duplicate sales results in your team members?


Are you tongue-tied when face to face with a potential customer or team member?


Do you worry about being pushy?


Are you stressed about what to do with the people you recruit?

If you want help getting more customers and builders (without being salesy and spammy), message  “chat” and we will connect to share how we can help.

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