Customer First Sales Mastermind

 Imagine yourself with more business builders, a smoother and more organized sales approach, and higher team volume. Join us for the BREAKTHROUGH 9-Week Customer First Sales Mastermind.

Are you wondering what is covered in this mastermind?

Section 1: Stop Feeling Crazy


  • Why We Always Feel Crazy In Our Business
  • How Tracking Your Sales Will Help You Help More People
  • How to Get More Results in Less Time
  • How to Make Your Monthly Plan
  • How to Make Good Business Decisions

Section 2: How to Schedule Appointments

  • Why Is It Important to Set Up Appointments?
  • How to Call Someone You Know for an Initial Appointment
  • How to Transition a Conversation to Scheduling an Appointment
  • How to Avoid People Not Showing Up for Appointments
  • What About Texting, Facebook Messages or Leaving Voicemails?

Section 3: How to Talk About Your Company Without Losing Your Customer

  • Your High Converting Sales Conversation Intro
  • Why Customers Don’t Buy
  • How to Build Trust in the First 5 Minutes
  • The Most Important Topic of Your Conversation
  • How to Explain Your Company So Your Customer “Gets It”

Section 4: How to Help Your Customers Buy on the First Appointment

  • How to Help Your Customers Buy on the First Appointment
  • How to Explain Kits and Products in Clear, Simple Language
  • How to Create Urgency Without Being Pushy
  • How to Wrap-up the Sale
  • How to Address “I Can’t Afford It” and “I Need to Talk to My Spouse”

Section 5: How to Get More Contacts In Under 5 Minutes a Day

  • How to Get More Contacts Intro
  • The Truth About Referrals and Taking the First Step
  • How to Ask for Referrals with Grace
  • How to Call a Referral to Schedule an Appointment
  • How to Book More Classes Or Parties So Everyone Feels Great

Section 6: How to Retain Customers

  • How to Retain Customers Intro
  • How to Schedule the Wishlist Appointment
  • How Increase Customer Retention
  • What to Say When You Follow Up with Customers

Section 7: Recruiting

  • Recruiting Intro
  • Is Recruiting a Team a Beginner Skill or an Advanced Skill?
  • How to Schedule Recruiting Appointments
  • How to Go From “I’m Interested” to “I’m In”

Section 8: Launching Your Team Members

  • Launching Your Team Members Intro
  • Gaining Agreements So Your Relationships Thrive
  • Keys to Getting Them Off to a Fast Start
  • How to Build a Training Manual
  • How Do I Develop My Confidence as a Leader?

Here’s what other network marketers are saying about the Emerge Sales Training & the Customer First Sales System:

How is this different than all of the other masterminds out there promising to give you the secret to success in network marketing?

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Here is what you will get….

INSTANT access to your training                 

EXCLUSIVE Facebook group where you can ask questions and be encouraged when you choose the Mastermind

IMMEDIATE access to all sales and recruiting outlines.

COMPREHENSIVE training manual you will create so duplication is easy.

LIVE weekly coaching calls with Tasha Smith, Emerge Founder & Author of “Customer First” when you choose the Customer First Sales Mastermind option 

 Ready to Get Started?

The next 9-week Customer First Sales Mastermind begins on Wednesday, September 20th.  Calls will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 8:30 am Pacific/11:30 am Eastern. While we know we could charge thousands of dollars for this mastermind like other trainers, we want to make it affordable for everyone. You can pay just $197 today with 3 additional monthly payments of $197 or save almost $200 and pay in full for $591.

Want a 1-day Intensive?

Join our Accelerated group instead.

Rather than 8 weeks of group coaching, this is a 1-day intensive that gives you all the same content. 

What makes Emerge different?

We start with the questions, “How do we help our customers solve their problems?” and “What is challenging for our team members to grow their business?” Then we build simple, easy to implement techniques, questions, and strategies to help your team members grow their business.

We aren’t your upline saying “Here is what I did.” We are your customer saying, “Here is how to help me understand why I should buy.” We are your team member saying, “Here is how to move me into action.”

We are 100% committed to making this world a better place by solving people’s problems and we care very deeply about your ability to provide for your family through your network marketing business.

In the last few years, we have helped over 7000 clients increase their sales and leadership skills.  Over the last year, we have had more than 150 clients achieve six-figure income ranks.

We have built a million dollar training company primarily through word of mouth in the last few years.  On average, our students triple their sales after completing The Customer First Mastermind.

How can you ensure that YOU will get results? The answer is to attend your coaching calls, implement what you are learning, and if by some crazy fluke you don’t get results we have a money back guarantee.

We know that it can be difficult to teach your team how to have better results. Once you have a clear process, you can take the guesswork out of what to say and do.  Selling and recruiting can be an enjoyable process for everyone involved.  We believe that you CAN have a business that you love.

200% Money-Back Guarantee

Yep, you read that right. If you implement everything in the mastermind and don’t see an improvement in 90 days we will not only refund you but double your money back. (see terms and conditions for details)