“I don’t want to seem to eager.”

“I don’t want them to think I’m stalking them.”

“Won’t that bother them?”

When we stare at our list of new prospects, we would be in denial to say these thoughts don’t go through our mind. Then contrast that with our managers, saying to call, call, call. It’s enough to drive us crazy.

So what is the time frame in which we should call? How many times? What does the data say?

Adam Bluemner would know. He analyzed over 65,000 calls on web leads to find out the truth behind engaging new customers. In this episode I will play for you my interview with them, along with some personalized insights on my take-aways. Here is a link to his study in detail.

I also have some stuff for you! I created a Conversion Toolkit just for the Emerge Community! Within the Conversion Toolkit you will find a Productivity Toolkit, Conversation Toolkit, and a Closing Toolkit. When you implement the simple action items in this toolkit, you will see at least one additional sale right away, like that week. I’m sure of it. Check it out at www.emergesalestraining.com/toolkit.

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