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As I have been coaching our clients and students I often hear this from them…. my upline is not supportive of me. So thinking about that I thought it would be helpful to discuss the ins and outs of a great sponsoring relationship. It’s a fundamental aspect of our business, but its one that I think that has a lot of misconceptions about it. Most of us have never been in an industry like this before, our experience is mostly in the corporate setting, employer, boss mentality. And this is completely different. So it makes a lot of sense when we hear that people don’t know what to do as a sponsor. What a great about our industry is, we get to pick our co-workers, our sponsors, our frontline leaders. And if you have ever worked with coworkers in the past that were not so great to work with you understand why picking our coworkers and sponsors is so important.

So today I want to accomplish 3 things. 1. Define the role of a sponsor and sponsee – What is a Sponsors job and what is not a sponsors job 2. System to set up crystal clear expectations from day 1 3. Troubleshoot tricky issues in the sponsor relationship.

  1. Sponsoring relationship is a lot like Goldilocks…remember so goes and tastes the porridge and it’s too hot, too cold, and then she finds the porridge that is just right. And that is what we want to do with sponsoring…find the relationship that is just right. Find the balance – don’t give too much, but give enough…find the sweet spot! I often hear from people that my sponsor never calls me, doesn’t coach me, doesn’t meet with, etc.  The sponsor cannot be your excuse. With or without your sponsor you can be successful.

What is the sponsor’s job? To help set your people up for success by pointing them in the right direction of the resources they would need to get up running. Your job is also to teach them the system of our business and to help them implement it along the way.

Sponsors job is Not – motivate you, we are to find motivated people, I will climb with you but I cannot carry you on my back up the hill, sponsors job is not to comment on every FB post you create, your sponsors job is not to tag you in every training that you should join.

  1. System – Be transparent from the beginning. In most industries, the common saying is don’t mix business and friendship/family. In our business, we say mix it all up! Bring in your friends and family. So this can be tricky! So it’s important to set boundaries from the beginning. I always tell new business partners your success or lack of success doesn’t make me love you any less. But there will be times we might have to have tough conversations. And I will transition from friend to business partner.     

5 truths about our relationships –

  1. Describe my job for them – 80% should be focused on your own business 20% leading the team. honored you chose to partner with me. My job is to get you independent from me as soon as possible. Our business relationship will change as your business evolves. If you need something you have to tell me. I am not a mind reader.
  2. Describe their job – Running with you. Simple concept…one foot in front of the other. It’s not always easy. You are the only one that makes yourself run.
  3. Share my business hours – so you know when you can reach me. 3 before me response – what 3 places did you look to find the answer? Teaching you to fish
  4. Ups and downs in this business – what do you want me to say to you when I notice you are headed down in your business? I am not a therapist but will help you to strategy to fix it
  5. How do you feel appreciated? Recognition to make you feel special. Five love languages – mine is to spend quality time with people
  6. Troubleshooting – When someone wants your time but the person hasn’t been working their business. Here is what I would like you to do…send me a screenshot of your last 5 reachouts, last 1-2 personal developments you have completed, how many events or 1-1 have you had in the last 30 days, and your business hours in the last week – This goes 2 ways….I don’t have any of these things or they get going?

How do I motivate my team when they are not doing anything? I hear this question a lot! Your job is not to motivate people. Your job is to find motivated people. I cant make you climb that mountain.

I sponsored someone who is rising faster than me. I am proud of them but I feel kinda of crummy. Be grateful and thankful that she is willing to work. And be proud of yourself that you set them up to be successful. Let this persons success light a fire underneath you. Don’t set back. Be a gracious leader!

What do I do when someone that I have sponsored is doing all the right things but not seeing success as quickly as they hoped. They are worth my time. I ask to see their work. I want to see their language. I might be able to make some tweaks. Sometimes there is not anything….just have to keep encouraging them and keep plugging away. You cant give up.

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You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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