Hi, this is Tasha with Emerge Sales Training, and today I have an interview with Alison King, who has seen some significant growth to her business recently.  Take a listen!


Here are some highlights/paraphrased thoughts from the interview.


We start off our conversation asking Alison to give us an introduction to herself and then a before and then current look into her network marketing business.



Tasha:  You’re on our podcast today because you have had some pretty awesome results recently, so would you painting a before picture, and where-you-are-currently picture?


Alison:  Sure. I started in April 2016, and I got a little bit of the way but got stuck at a particular level for just over a year.  Then I started doing some mindset work and progressed a little bit further. But then I started Your Direct Sales Foundation and all the aspects that go along with that in April, and in just the last 6 weeks I have seen a great improvement in my sales and the way that I work with other people.


Tasha:  What caught my attention were the actual numbers.  So would you mind sharing how many new customers you have recently enrolled.


Alison:  So from February 2017-February 2018 I had enrolled 19 new customers.  Then in May I enrolled 14 just in that one month, because I had started Your Direct Sales Foundation.  In April I enrolled 8, because I had watched some of your Facebook Live videos.


T:  So let me get this straight, you enrolled more customers in two months than in the previous full year?


A:  Yes, that is correct.


T:  That is awesome!  How does that feel?


A:  {with a huge grin on her face} I still get butterflies thinking about it, and thinking about what is possible for the future.  I am actually really excited now, whereas before I was kind of in a slump thinking, “Maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe I should go out and get a real, full-time job working for someone else, with a salary cap, put my son in daycare, and all things that go along with that.


But now I am really excited about what we can do as a family together.


T:  How has your success impacted your family?


A:  Well, my son got a Lego set when I hit my last rank.  We set family goals together, so we are looking forward to a holiday to Japan when I hit my next rank.  My son loves the products themselves, and I can see him, when he’s old enough, getting his own account.


I can see that, with the company that I am with, there is still such an emerging market that there are a lot of possibilities.  You set your own limits.


T:  I’m sure these recent results had to catch his attention, though, right?


A:  Yeah, I think so 🙂





T:  What would you say were the 3 keys that changed for you to really help serve customers better?


A:  First, when people would ask me what I did for work, I didn’t really know what to say so I would say things like, “Oh, I’m a mum,” or, “I work part time, but I have my own business” because I wouldn’t want to push it on them.  But now I have a script that I follow thanks to Your Direct Sales Foundation. Now I find myself just saying it when I’m having a coffee with them. Once you have a script, it comes so naturally. You’re not just following someone else’s words because it works for them.  You tailor it to yourself and make it in the vernacular you would use all the time. For example, I live in New Zealand, so I speak New Zealand English, not American-English so I make it my own.


T:  And I speak California-English, which is the worst kind of American-English!  🙂




T:  That’s great.  So what’s your next tip?


A:  Mindset work.  My upline, she started a 30-day mindset challenge, and it is something that I have continued to do.  We write down positive things you see in the world, in your life, and a key takeaway from a book our group was going through.  The key is to keep it positive, because if you write negative stuff then negative stuff is going to happen to you.


So a group of us did that every day, and she had 37 rank advancements in one month.


The third thing I wanted to share was to track.  I had no idea what my closing rate was. I had no idea what my success rate was one-on-one versus in a group, or what the average sale was.  I had hardly ever set a sales goal until I got the Emerge sales tracker.


So I had set a sales goal for May, and, based on my April results, Michelle (Emerge Coach) said, “You do realize you’re going to need to have 59 sales conversations in the month to hit that goal?”  I thought about it, and I said, “Hmm, well I can do that. That’s 2 people a day.” And then I started having such righteous success, because I had already started implementing what I had been learning in the course.  So the number of sales conversations I needed to have started to drop to 29, and I beat my goal! And I know where my strengths are based on that sales tracker.




After Tasha asks Alison a question about scheduling her appointments around her son and other family commitments, she thanks Alison for the clear explanation.  Alison mentions that she gets that from her previous career as a journalist for 16 years.


T:  Oh, wow you were a journalist?  So what made you want to run a network marketing business?


A:  My son was part of it.  The environment of my work wasn’t what it used to be, so we had key staff member leave for a promotion that changed the dynamic of the newsroom.  And I just didn’t enjoy it anymore. I had started my business doing run coaching, which I was trying to make my fortune in. So I was already out of the newsroom when I came across my network marketing opportunity.


It’s actually a funny story:  I had joined a business coaching group run by my now direct upline, who was enrolled by her upline along with 3 other people that were also in the coaching group.  It got to the point where my run-coaching business wasn’t what I hoped it would be, but there is exponential growth in network marketing and I love the products for myself.  And I can see how people can use them. It was definitely not what I had set out to do! 🙂


T:  Well is our life ever what we set out to do! 🙂


A:  No!


T:  It is funny how our paths always end up on a crazy path, but we always end up where we need to be.


Alison, as we wrap up, what are you most excited about moving forward?


A:  I am most excited about helping my team grow and the community I live in have better lives as a result of the work that we’re doing.


T:  Is there anything you would like to share with our audience before we wrap up?


A:  About anything in particular?


T:  Sure!


A:  They should come to New Zealand!!  It’s an awesome place!


T:  What’s the best thing to do for someone, say, from California?


A:  Depends on what you’re in to, but the city I live in is the cultural capital of New Zealand.  We have geysers, a lot of adventure-tourism, the best mountain bike tracks in the Southern Hemisphere.  And we’ve got California Redwoods that grow better here than in California.




T:  Well Alison thank you so much for sharing your wisdom today.  I am sure there is someone out there reading this and this is exactly what they needed.  So thank you for your hard work and to be a role model to so many people, for sharing your success with our coaching team, and being willing to share on our podcast.  But I guess since you’re a journalist, it isn’t too bad. :). I really appreciate it.


A:  Thank you for having me! 🙂


Those are just some highlights from the interview with Alison.  Please check out the entire interview at the link below from our YouTube channel.



You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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