Do you have a hard time remembering names? The different features of your product? What certain people bought? Or what they wanted to buy?

Today you are in for a real treat, as I interview Brad Zupp, the captain of the United States Memory team. Yes, that’s a real thing. He is going to give us some amazing tips to build better relationships and make more sales by improving our memory.

Here is Brad’s bio:

Brad Zupp is an entertaining motivational speaker and memory improvement expert from upstate New York. Since 2009, Brad has been dedicated to testing the limits of his own memory while helping others learn the benefits that come from memory improvement. Brad shows people how to supercharge their memories to  improve sales, relationships, productivity, and peace of mind.

He has taught thousands of people how to access the power of their minds, the most incredible computers in the world.He is also a frequent memory sports competitor, and has won two bronze and one silver medal at memory competitions as well as twice setting an American record at the World Memory Championships.

Brad continues to push the limits of the human mind, training his memory daily and inspiring people worldwide.

For more information about Brad’s keynote speeches and seminars, coaching, or for memory improvement tips, visit www.BradZupp.com.

Download the free report: 10 Ways to Supercharge Your Memory at: http://www.bradzupp.com/freereport

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