“Don’t be a crybaby. You’re a ducking winner.”




Hey! What’s up Emerge Community? Today we’re gonna talk about how to pull your team out of a slump or create massive momentum in your business.


This week, I was able to chat with one of my clients who achieved the highest rank in her company, and I thought that was just amazing and phenomenal and very, very exciting. I was thinking about her past year, and we were reflecting on it and the ups and downs in the business. For me personally, I have seen ups and downs in our business as well. And so this concept of how do you create momentum or how do you pull out of a slump is, I think, a really, really important topic for anyone that is in business. Whether it is network marketing or any other sort of business. So today, what I want do is share with you 4 different tips on how to break out of a slump or create massive momentum, which is the same thing.


I apologize that I don’t know who said it, but there is a quote that says, “Business comes in waves. You better learn how to surf.” I think it’s important to remember that it’s not if our business is going to go up and down, right? If there’s gonna be a slow time or a hard time it’s when is there gonna be a slow time or a hard time.


Because in all of the reading and research and chatting that I done with amazing leaders, it’s not ever perfect, it’s not ever consistent. It doesn’t actually go that way. It consistently will go up and down. The only commonality that I have found amongst great leaders is bouncing back from a devastating setback. Losing all momentum and then having to rebuild it from scratch.


So if you are there in your network marketing business and you are thinking, “Gosh, I’ve lost momentum. Maybe I should quit.” That is the moment that separates the great leaders from those who don’t make it. The great leaders understand that losing momentum is just part of the process and they just become really, really intentional about pulling out of the slump or gaining momentum again.


So, I have these 4 tips for you. Number 1: decide not to be a chump. We have to do a major gut check in the middle of a challenging time in our business, or if we’re going to do a push in trying to create massive momentum. The number 1 thing is we have to actually decide. We can’t just go, “Hey, we’ll see how this goes. We have to decide “I’m not going to be a chump.”


I think it’s always good, and we’ll talk about support later, but I will tell you this kinda a funny story that has now turned into its own little movement. This summer, I was sitting, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, and I was feeling super frustrated and low and wondering when was I going to be able to gain momentum again.


So, I sent a text to Karen, who is in charge of all our leader development here at Emerge, and I was being all vulnerable. I don’t tend to be that emotional, and I was like, “Oh my gosh I think today is going to be the day that I cry. And she responded, “Don’t be a crybaby; you’re a ducking winner.” She didn’t say “Ducking,” but for the purposes of our conversation here… And it jarred me and I was like, “Hey that’s right! I need to decide right now. Am I going to be a crybaby? Am I gonna stay in that space, or am I gonna remember that I’m a winner.”


So the Number 1 tip is to decide. Decide that you’re going to be a winner. Decide that the slump isn’t going to overtake you. Decide that you will create the momentum because it’s going to take a lot of commitment.


Number 2: execute the basics. New and shiny objects will not pull you out of the slump. The basics and your core competencies will bring you out of the slump.


When I go into a state of stress, I try to maximize every small thing. I’ll go out and learn a new thing, thinking that that’s going to be the thing that is going to help me to do better. But that’s typically not what pulls you out of a slump or creates momentum. It’s the repetition and the massive amount of action within your core competency.


And what was really cool the other day one of my clients turned one of my questions around on me: “What have you been doing as a leader?” Then I asked my team what did we do as a team? And what came back time and time again was that instead of going after something that was shiny or some maximization tool or new idea, what we did was that we focused on our core competency. It was our ability to develop leaders, build relationships and provide the best coaching in the industry, or at least we’re striving to be that.


So knowing what is the thing we really are the best at and spending more time there instead of going after shiny things that we would have to learn was what pulled us through this slump. Here’s how this works; if you pick a new thing, you have to go through the stages of learning, which are:


0 – never tried it

1 – I tried and stink or I’m just beginning

2 – rating is I’m good at it

3 – is I’m a rockstar.


You have to go through zero before you get to 3, and I think what a lot of people do if they’re trying to break out of a slump is we try to pick a shiny object to pull us out of the slump; but the problem is we have to go through all the processes (now if you don’t know the basics that’s different). There are things that you are already may be a level 2 or 3 at (rockstar or “good at”), and if you did more of those it will help to pull you out of the slump. So Number 2 is execute the basics.


There are 3 areas in network marketing to focus on. 1. How many appointment are you doing? This includes new appointments, customer attention appointments, recruiting appointments, coaching calls. 2. How many referrals are your getting? 3. And are your outlines tight? And that’s it. Those are the basis in a high performing sales conversation. Are you meeting with someone, are you generating leads, and are your outlines good and customer-centric? Those are the basics to focus on. And then you just have to put a lot of energy. What’s cool is that most people don’t need a ton of learning around these things, or doesn’t take a ton of brain power. It just takes a lot of action.


Number 3: get back on purpose. When you are at a low point in your business, the numbers are really discouraging and can cause you to get in your head. One of the first things that my business coach taught me was that impact always comes before income. You have to provide value before the marketplace gives you dollars. Providing value comes first.


Business is about helping people, first and foremost. Now do you have to look at your numbers? Yes. Maybe once a week; maybe a couple of times a month. I don’t want you to go all the way to the end of the spectrum and not look at your numbers because, you are, in fact, in business. However, on a day to day basis, the numbers are typically not emotionally healthy. And so instead, on a daily basis, I’m going to encourage you to focus on the people that you are impacting with your business.


The impact journal is a powerful tool to help pull you out of a slump, so what I recommend my clients do, and what I do for myself when I’m starting to feel like I’m in a little bit of a funk, is create an impact journal, which is just writing down 5 people I impacted through my business activities on a daily basis. For me, if I think about, it could be I graduated yesterday a recruiting group and I wrote down all of their transformations. Well gosh, that was already 8 people. Then I did a webinar and there were people on there that were super impacted. There were 32 people on there. That’s 32 people that I positively impacted, not including the replay. I had 2 coaching calls with 2 of my coaches and they were deeply impacted as well. And all of that is going to create income.


About a month ago I started in our team group, impact every day, and our enrollment of students into Your Direct Sales Foundation has since doubled. And I don’t think that’s a coincidence because when we provide massive value, people start giving us dollars. So we need to get back on purpose. We need to remember that the core function of business is to create customers and to add a value to people’s lives. And they exchange that value that we provide them for money. And so we have to start by adding value.


Whatever you focus on is what will replicate. So if you focus on impact, that will duplicate and it will decrease your stress levels. I think the biggest added bonus is you’ll be reminded how much you love your business, which also creates momentum and gets you out of a slump.


Number 4: get support. When you are trying to bring your business back or create that massive momentum it’s going to be a lot of hard work and you’re going to be pouring out onto a lot of people. Pouring out onto the people you lead, pouring out onto your customers and what can happen is your cup can be empty. And so if you’re trying to pull out of a slump or create massive momentum, make sure that you have a strong support system.


Who is your community? Your emotions are going to be up and down and so my question for you is “Whose job is it?” Not who could be there for you, but whose responsibility is it to make sure to remind you that you are a winner? That you are not a chump, that you can do this, that every single leader goes through ups and downs. These truths are so important. And where is your community that’s going to remind you as you go through the ups and downs? When you go through the up, who is you community?


I’m so grateful my client asked me “What did you do as a leader to help your team be successful?” And when I was asked that question, it brings all of that into consciousness so I know what behaviors to repeat. But also, when I’m not doing so well, who’s the person that’s going to remind me of my accomplishments? That’s gonna remind me of everything I done?


I was chatting with one of my personal clients the other day. She’s kinda going through a pretty difficult time in life (that’s an understatement) and feeling with all of her responsibilities, her business wasn’t growing at quite the rate that she would like. So I had to take a step back and say, “Well let’s just look at the last 3 months and what you have accomplished.” And because every few weeks I would ask her about her wins, I was able to spout off all of her accomplishments in the past 3 months. And…She started crying.


Yes, I know I have a reputation for making people cry but it’s not usually for the reasons that you think. And she was just like “Wow, I thought I was failing, but really I have accomplished so much,” because she’s trying to create massive momentum. And when it doesn’t go according exactly as planned, you need someone to remind you of all of your accomplishments and that you are awesome or when there’s a set back. And so, who is your community?


Let me just do a quick recap for you. So if you need to move out of a slump or create momentum, Number 1, decide not be a chump. Number 2, execute the basics. Number 3, get back on purpose. Number 4, get support.


Thanks for reading today’s post. I hope you find these tips on how to get out of a slump or create momentum for your team helpful. Before you go, just leave a comment and answer this question:  What is one takeaway that you had from this particular conversation today?


Last thing is I’m just gonna ask you to share this with someone who needs it. And that’s it for me today.


I hope you guys all have an awesome, awesome day.



You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

You can learn how to sell consistently and be a solid leader, without going through grueling years of hard knocks.

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