Belief and conviction: “As I started this new business, I had this hope that this idea, this plan, was going to work, and I was still trying to figure it out for me. Am I really convicted that it’s going to be this dream that I think in my head? Am I confident enough, or humble enough, or hungry enough to just lay it out there?’ I was confident that I had the skills – that I could talk to people – and I was willing to do what I needed to do for what I wanted to accomplish. But there was that block of ‘Do people want to do what I’m doing?’”


Today is another oldie but goodie.


Earlier in the year Tasha had a conversation about recruiting a team with Nicole Moultrie. Tasha and Nicole discuss the idea of whether or not you can be a powerful recruiter AND a good human at the same time.


You can watch the conversation Tasha and Nicole had on the video here. 


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