Have you ever felt like it is difficult to communicate what you do so that people want to join you?


Someone asks you, “so what do you do?”  And for direct marketers and business owners, this can be a fuzzy question to answer. Today I am going to share one of our most popular podcasts on this topic.


As you probably know, an elevator speech is a short communication talking about the key differentiators about what you do, why your business is awesome, and why somebody should engage further in conversation with you. I’m going to teach you how to turn that elevator speech into a more direct, engaging,  and compelling conversation. (you can listen to the podcast here or keep on reading for more).


When your normal day-to-day conversation with someone turns into, “What do you do?,” most people think, “I know this is an opportunity. I know that I need to just let this person know how I can help and provide them with solutions and all of that good stuff.” But, somehow it comes out as verbal vomit that leaves your new contact in a 100-yard stare. If you aren’t prepared to answer this question, it can be hard to respond and deliver the value of all the things that you do, right?


Let’s chat through some steps so that you have a quick and easy process to come up with a  clear statement about what you do.


Step 1: List out the key words that matter the most to you.


I worked through this with one of our sales students.  The words that were important to her were that she was a  nurse, she likes to help people and she loves to educate people on a healthy lifestyle.


Step 2: Make it clear so that a 4th grader can understand it.


When working through your key words, make sure you are using simple language.  A 4th grader would definitely know what a nurse was and they would know words like educate and healthy.  


Step 3:  Indicate that there is a transaction.


This is your business…not a hobby.  When you tell others when you do for a LIVING, indicate that there is an opportunity to do business with you.   You can use a phrase like, “I sell X product,” so they understand that there is an opportunity to work with you further.


Why is step 3 important?


If you talk about things like healthy lifestyle and education without including the fact that it is your livelihood, this could come off as bait and switch situation to your customer, right?  They expect to be “educated,” so if you turn around and ask them to buy a kit this may not sit well with them. Making sure that you have the mindset of, “yes, I am a salesperson,” is acting in integrity.  You may be a heart-led salesperson which is amazing…but you are a salesperson nonetheless. So in order to be clear and upfront, indicate that this is a business and that you sell something. This is when your hobby becomes an actual business.


Let’s go ahead now and put those key words, simple language, and sales opportunity into a few sentences.   For my student, we came up with, “I am a former nurse and I now own an Essential Oils business.  I love to educate people on how to use these Essential Oils to incorporate a healthier lifestyle.”  Next you can ask a question to get their input.  An example would be, “Have you heard of essential oils?”  Or, “What do you already know about essential oils?”


From there, if the situation allows, you can simply transition into an appointment setting approach.


I hope this brings you more clarity on a way that you can approach explaining what you love doing, so that you can attract  more customers to your business and attract others who would want to do the same thing that you do.


Let’s continue this conversation and talk about how to invite people to join you in the business.  Tasha is getting together on Tuesday, November 13th at 4:00 pm pt/7:00 pm et.


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