What should I do if my coaching calls are taking sooooo long because my team member won’t stop talking! I was recently asked this question in one of my group coaching sessions, and I have noticed a trend. As our clients become better at listening and building trust, their team members keep talking… and talking.


This is a problem because we either run out of time to get to core issues or coaching calls go 2x as long without being 2x as effective. But there is also a bigger problem here that I want to bring to the surface.


If this is happening with your team members, then they likely don’t know how to communicate concisely or prepare for a meeting properly. How could this also be impacting them in their sales conversations, recruiting conversations or their own coaching calls?


You might be thinking… how can I help them without being rude?!


Instead of cutting people off let’s start training them to communicate more clearly and concisely. Not only will this save you both precious time but helping them to skill up with their communication will impact their business results.  


Here are a few simple steps you can take:


  1. Send the agenda in advance.  


Awesome. I also want to make sure you get the most out of our time together tomorrow. Would you mind shooting me the following? 3 wins, what feels heavy in your biz, what success looks like in the next 2 weeks, and what you need clarity on to make that success a reality? That way I can gather my thoughts. 🙂


This works because it’s clear AND kind.  TIP: Set your calendar to remind you 1-2 days earlier to request the agenda.  


  1. Be transparent about your intention


I think it would be helpful if we moved a little faster in the beginning so we have more time to do the action plan. Do you think that would also be helpful?


  1. Set timers in group coaching


I want to make sure everyone has time to go and we have extra time for ___ topic.  So each person has 2 minutes to share. Let’s see how you all do. Ready, go!


This makes timeliness fun instead of mean. And when you do it to all, no one feels bad.




Disclaimer- you might think it’s your person who talks a lot. But it might be you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.


Let’s continue this conversation to talk about hot to lead your team to get better results.  Karen is getting together with a few people on Tuesday, November 20th at 11:00 am pt/2:00 pm et. You can register at emergesalestraining.com/freeleadership.