Are you ready for a goldmine of tips and tricks of how to have killer stats with home events like our student, Sarah?

I interviewed Sarah, who gets amazing results when it comes to classes/parties/get togethers, or whatever your company calls them.  Here are her recent stats just to give you context:

  • 76 invites
  • 30 attendees
  • 27 sales including repeats from people previously enrolled
  • 10 referrals
  • 6 classes

What I love about these is that she’s not doing anything extraordinary that we all can’t do.  In this interview she gives us tips that anyone can apply to get these kinds of results no matter what level they are at.

Make sure to go listen to or watch this interview to get the details on everything that we cover including:

  • How to prep your hostess and set up expectations for them
  • How to get a higher show rate at your events
  • How to turn non-hostesses into referrals
  • What tools to bring to an event so that your attendees aren’t overwhelmed and so that they may thing, “i can do this too.”
  • And more good stuff

I hope you join us and that Sarah’s insights are helpful to you in your business. 🙂

Have a great day!