How are the stories you are telling yourself holding you back from reaching your living the life you desire? The difference from the people that are living the life of their dreams and the ones who aren’t is that they are doing it anyway…..


For more years than I can remember I have told myself this story that, “I am not a morning person.”  As a result…. I was NOT a morning person. For years I hit snooze on my alarm until the last possible second. My BFF was always trying to get me to do early morning workouts with her, to which I said “No flipping way am I doing that.”


Something crazy happened to me this morning.  I was walking to my car at 6:30 AM after finishing a strength training class.  Did you hear what I said? I was DONE with a workout and friends- it was dark outside!  


Now for you early birds you may be thinking that this doesn’t sound all that crazy. But here’s the thing…. Do you remember that I am NOT a morning person?!


Or so I thought…..  The truth is that as I was skipping out to my car happily (ok maybe more like huffing and puffing), noticing the beautiful morning sky… I had this major “aha” moment.  


I AM A MORNING PERSON.  And if I am in fact a morning person, what other stories have I told myself that have held me back????


So here is what happened to shift this story….


Several months ago I set some big fitness goals, and that meant I was going to have to face the horror of early morning workouts.  I am not going to lie- it was really hard to get out of bed the first few mornings. When I say that- I want you to understand… IT WAS REALLY HARD.  Not like kinda hard. 🙂


But here is the crazy thing.  This morning I realized OMG…. I AM a morning person….. And all of these years I just NEVER knew it.  


You know what really stinks about that?  I have missed so many early morning skies… and that feeling of crushing my goals before my day really gets started.


All because I told myself a story that really wasn’t true.


I started reflecting on all of the stories I have told myself that aren’t true and there are a LOT.  Here are just a couple….. “I am not a content creator.” and “I am not a public speaker.” Now you may be reading this email thinking “Yep- you are definitely not a content creator.” If that is the case just give me some grace haha.  


Here is the thing though… I was in corporate America in sales and leadership for 20 years.  When Tasha asked me to write “Your Leadership Foundation” with her, I thought she had lost her mind.  I AM NOT a content creator. When I decided to leave my corporate job and pursue this entrepreneurial role of building Emerge with Tasha I started running webinars, sometimes with hundreds of people.  I AM NOT a public speaker.


What I realized this morning is that most of the things I have become good at are things that I am NOT actually naturally good at.  In doing the things over and over….somewhere, somehow, I started to become that which I wasn’t.


How many gifts in our life do we miss because we dismiss it as being something we  just “aren’t.” “I am not a sales-person.” “I am not a natural leader.” “I am not an extrovert.” “I am not naturally good at talking to people.”  The list goes on and on (I have said all of these things BTW).


Let’s walk through a few steps to start becoming that which you aren’t.


  1. Take 3 minutes (seriously like set a timer) and write unfiltered who you would be if you had no limitations.  What would your day look like? Who would you be talking to? What activities would you be doing? What would you be doing for work? What would you be wearing? What time would you get up and go to bed?
  2. Look at what you have written down and circle one thing that you aren’t doing now because well… maybe you aren’t sporty and you want to play tennis or maybe you aren’t social but you want to host a dinner party.
  3. Make a list of the actions you need to take to start doing that thing?  Tennis lessons? Invite a few friends to dinner?
  4. Take one action TODAY.  


The truth is that we can be whatever we want to be.  The difference from the people that are living the life of their dreams and the ones who aren’t is that they are doing it anyway.  They are taking action until they start to believe they actually ARE. Action comes first and then comes the BECOMING. The BECOMING of who we want to be.


I want to hear from you.  Sometimes just saying it out loud helps us make the commitment.  You are worth it- and YOU CAN. Email me that one action you are taking today.